Trump's transgender military ban

President Trump just announced that the US will not allow any transgender person to serve in the military... Here is what he said to the LGBTQ community just a year ago!

07/26/2017 3:37 PM


  • Christian T.
    07/29/2017 06:49

    He is one of the most disgusting person on earth before him we have Isis/Erdogan.

  • Arthurine P.
    07/29/2017 04:51

    Uneducated President should not serve as President Make America Great again

  • Kacie C.
    07/28/2017 16:36

    I'd rather my taxes go to trans health than welfare Queens.

  • Bryant M.
    07/28/2017 15:38

    Most of you who have not served and are commenting on this subject are just plain naive. Do some homework on military waste. If you think "trans costs" even put a dent into military waste you don't know what you are talking about.

  • Anthony E.
    07/28/2017 15:31

    Yes, let's let the draft dodging facist make decisions with his IQ of 3, thanks republican trailer parks everywhere

  • Anthony E.
    07/28/2017 15:20

    Kiss my ass, you orange facist

  • Ian O.
    07/28/2017 15:06

    He didn't say he would protect them from a hateful domestic ideology

  • Julie M.
    07/28/2017 14:45

    I'm from a military family. My husband is a marine, father and 1 brother navy, 1 brother army, brother in law air force and I myself was going for army. Any guesses why I was denied though I'm COMPLETELY healthy, physically, emotionally, mentally and showed higher than average scores on my ASVAB? I was DESCRIMINATED against because I was a single parent! Here I am completely capable with NO issues yet was denied entry because I had a kid! Am i pissed? Am i whining? No because i understand there are reasons even if i dont agree or understand them for there reasoning. So NO I see absolutely no problem them denying others for ANY reason they deem fit! And not a single one of the many family and friends I have that are serving or have served disagrees with the decision being made currently.

  • AJ V.
    07/28/2017 13:40


  • Kyle N.
    07/28/2017 13:37

    correct the date of the tweet please, you got the wrong month

  • Yobany B.
    07/28/2017 13:18

    If you don't want to get drafted just say your transgender

  • Freddie M.
    07/28/2017 13:11

    for those who agree with this dumbass stfu. if u have a problem with it then y'all should go and serve. at least they are willing to risk there lives for there country.

  • Brinden T.
    07/28/2017 12:33

    Why would y'all think that he was telling the truth back then he has a speech writer it's not truly how he feels as a person and his beliefs coincide with what he was saying anyways it's all b******* just to get elected typical politics crap

  • Ceasor C.
    07/28/2017 12:12

    They should've known he was lying 😂😂😂...he gave the LBGTQ ppl the okie doke.....😂😂

  • Austin S.
    07/28/2017 11:38

    The military is an exception to the normal loving and accepting standards required of society and government toward LGBTQ people. The military has no room for unorthodox troops. And the generals who are experienced think it is the best approach.

  • Syn-Ziegler A.
    07/28/2017 11:22

    But paying for dental vineers and Viagra is fine? Our servicemen and women willingly join, put their lives on the line. You know a life, that thing thst allows a person to be a living, breathing, social function to society and if lost, it's gone...permantly. No do-over, no restart, no pass go, no collect 200 dollars.... Yea they are willing to die to protect us, our nation, ours and your family and do not get paid nearly enough of what they deserve. So if people are so concerned about transgender people serving because of ignorance or actually think their need to become who they really are physically affects you that much, even financially (especially since in one form or another every other taxpayer is helping pay for something in your life) Then trump, and everyone else can take their place in arms.

  • Steve P.
    07/28/2017 10:15

  • Alex S.
    07/28/2017 09:05

    Nobody has a right to serve in the military. I could not serve even if i wanted to because i have asthma. If all i need is a new inhaler every month or two and they wouldnt allow it, why would they allow people in that want to restructure their body? You wouldnt ask the military to pay for a nose job would you? Why do people expect the government to cover their reassignment surgery?

  • Anthony R.
    07/28/2017 07:29

    Tweets are law now? Just playing with the liberal media.

  • Chance M.
    07/28/2017 07:24

    I think it's funny how people spit in the same trans face who go fight, and give people the freedom to be this ignorant

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