Trump Says He Is A Great Businessman

The New York Times reported that President Trump's tax transcripts show that he accumulated over $1 billion in business losses over the course of a decade. But Trump — according to himself — is an excellent businessman. 🤔

Trump Says He Is A Great Businessman

Trump has always bragged about his business acumen. But according to the The New York Times, Trump lost over $1 billion between 1985 and 1994. In 1990 and 1991, Trump lost $250 million each year — more than double that of the closest taxpayers those years.

Trump seemingly lost more money than any other individual taxpayer in the U.S., according to the Times' analysis of data the IRS has compiled on people earning large incomes.

Trump, however, suggested that his "tax shelter" tactics were equivalent for the era in the 1980s and 1990s, saying on his Twitter account, that real estate contractors like him "were entitled to massive write offs and depreciation which would, if one was actively building, show losses and tax losses in almost all cases." He added: "Much was non-monetary."

Trump, who rose to national fame in the 1980s as a New York real estate mogul with a tabloid like lifestyle, has declined to release his tax returns, mentioning an ongoing IRS audit. Every president since 1969 has made their tax returns publicly available, and Democrats have used the issue to knock and investigate Trump. Political experts have said audits haven't stopped presidents from releasing their returns.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin refused to allow the IRS to release Trump's tax information to Congress after the Ways and Means Committee in the Democrat-controlled House sought six years of the president's returns.

Trump and his aides have repeatedly said that the American public does not care about the president's tax returns since he won the 2016 election without having made them public. Many poltical polls have shown, contrariwise, that most voters do want Trump to disclose his tax records.


05/09/2019 7:17 PMupdated: 06/17/2019 2:28 PM
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  • Frank M.
    05/09/2019 19:21

    And has lost a billion plus over ten years...greatest loser...of all American taxpayers.....loser...weak...and so small.....

  • Elizabeth T.
    05/09/2019 19:26

    This is not some profound discovery. It is not a secret. All of this was reported on, heavily, at the time. He even covers it in detail in his book. The fact that he was able to build his business back from that is powerful testimony to his excellent business savvy and skill. Reporting this like it is somehow some profound new discovery is disingenuous, and frankly, insulting the intelligence of every American over 40 that witnessed all of this unfold in real life.

  • Richard H.
    05/09/2019 19:26

    He is a joke. The whole world knows it. As his tax returns are being published, everyone sees how much of a joke years. He’s also a tax fraud and will be arrested for that. He is the worst president America has ever had!

  • Miguel B.
    05/09/2019 19:27

    8 seconds I couldn't take more of this shit.

  • Marko Y.
    05/09/2019 19:27

    Lying sack of shit...reminds me of the Chilean pinocchio

  • Derek E.
    05/09/2019 19:28

    This is not new "news" he even wrote a book about it. Get over it, all millionaires and billionaires find loopholes to mitigate payments.

  • Jan L.
    05/09/2019 19:28

    So NY Times has a hot “scoop” that the President had terrible years in real estate 3 decades ago. They must’ve picked up a People magazine!....from 1990... Or, perhaps they watched the intro the Apprentice, 15 years ago, when he himself described his woes and recovery... Or, maybe they read his bestseller, which fully detailed the nosedive and revival of his business empire... Whatever the case, this “news” is hardly new. Few individuals in the world have lived as public a life as Donald Trump has, for decades. Moreover, Americans love a redemption story, a comeback. If anything, these details make Pres Trump MORE impressive and relatable... In addition, most great success stories involve triumphs and tragedies, especially in business. Steve Jobs, for example, was booted from his own company and had a massive failure at NeXT before his resurgence at Apple... Moreover, we also know that Trump’s later success isn’t some mere PR puffery. His leaked 2005 taxes showed an incredible $153 million in income. Per FEC filings his 2014 income climbed to $362 million. The Apprentice paid him over $213 million total. Talk about a comeback?!... Finally, his snarky critics, many of whom have never started businesses, should recall the words of a prior president from New York City, who praised the “man in the arena” and dismissed the cynics: - Steve Cortes

  • Dwayne C.
    05/09/2019 19:29

    Smells like tax fraud to me.

  • James D.
    05/09/2019 19:30

    Cry liberals cry hahahaha trump 2020

  • Rick F.
    05/09/2019 19:30

  • Linda G.
    05/09/2019 19:34

    Papa pay your way in and out of that school?

  • Alan R.
    05/09/2019 19:34

    Classic case of having an Aston Martin in the carpark but not being able to buy a round at the bar. Illusionist

  • Brut
    05/09/2019 19:36

    You can tell a lot about a person from their handshake. President Trump's is certainly... memorable. �8

  • Vince T.
    05/09/2019 19:36

    What a pathetic con artist

  • Mike A.
    05/09/2019 19:37

    Lmaoooooo this is what Dems have resulted to. Pathetic. No matter what he’s still president and will be thru 2024. So suck it up.

  • Karmellie H.
    05/09/2019 19:38


  • Darrell G.
    05/09/2019 19:38

    Lol, we have a winner... at being the "Biggest Loser."

  • Brenda D.
    05/09/2019 19:39

    A lying POS every time he opens his ugly mouth!!!

  • Sandra J.
    05/09/2019 19:41

    Tired ass man need to go!

  • Zakaria M.
    05/09/2019 19:49

    Il est un grand businessmen et surtout un grand président 🇺🇲