Trump struggles with the national anthem

Pink is tapped to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl — reminding us of the time Trump struggled to recall the words.

02/04/2018 8:00 PM
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  • Hortense K.
    02/14/2018 10:42

    avec ca ils disent que les africains sont encore sur les arbres c,est a dire sous developer ils se disent telment puissant et inteligent que c lui kil on choisi pour diriger le monde car c,est ainsi l,afrique subit tout

  • علي ا.
    02/10/2018 21:57


  • Carmen M.
    02/09/2018 21:35

    Such a hypocrite

  • Mohammadzaki A.
    02/06/2018 03:51

    He is like those people who tell all to sing "vande Mataram" but they only never learn it

  • Patrick J.
    02/06/2018 03:50

    Nobody is saying anything about all those people holding up the giant flag. ALL WERE KNEELING!

  • Herrera L.
    02/06/2018 02:18

    He learned it from our president

  • Benjamin F.
    02/06/2018 02:06


  • Aljohn M.
    02/06/2018 01:59


  • Kayla A.
    02/06/2018 01:48

    You can't "recall" something you never knew

  • Boyd E.
    02/06/2018 01:41

    That’s because he’s a commie pinko

  • Gaffee D.
    02/06/2018 01:18

    My question is what's his definition on respecting the flag?

  • Missa E.
    02/06/2018 01:17

    Such an ass-clown

  • Barry M.
    02/06/2018 00:30

    Donna sounds more like Hillary doing Russia that’s what the dossier says

  • Barry M.
    02/06/2018 00:28

    Mick do you know the words

  • Glenn J.
    02/05/2018 23:54

    Yes sir

  • Ryan R.
    02/05/2018 23:27

    Hey brut, you don't even Like America or the national anthem. So why tf do you care? Stop being to petty about Trump. This is exactly what happens when this "participation trophy" cry baby mentality is finally told "you lost."

  • Angel C.
    02/05/2018 22:47

    Tú quieres respetar respetar a las mujeres tú naciste de una madre está casado con una mexicana tú no respetan ni la bandera nadie te va a hacer caso y no voy a llorar you know why you're a piece of s*** Aprender hablar español choco p******

  • Lorenzo R.
    02/05/2018 22:23

    He don’t know he’s knows only Russia 🇷🇺

  • Elizabeth R.
    02/05/2018 21:25

    mummmmble karaoke

  • Alejandro R.
    02/05/2018 20:12

    😂 get that son of bitch out of here, you’re fired!!! 🤣