• Laura L.
    11/08/2020 21:35

    Spot the diference between a lunatic and a gentleman.

  • Mark M.
    11/07/2020 22:57

    Omg trump is such a crazy man and evil man thank god he out of power

  • Muhammad M.
    11/06/2020 15:33

    No more trump against America need change

  • Jono R.
    11/05/2020 12:26

    Trump's cult are completely lost in their youtube fb world. You wont get through to them, they're trapped.

  • Herbert P.
    11/03/2020 19:51

    Decency, manners and honor are alien to this man. He is unscrupulous in a negative sense

  • Magdalene S.
    11/03/2020 13:48

    I am shocked to see people still supporting Trump. Wow.

  • Alvin E.
    11/03/2020 12:52

    Biden, you are part of the problem and you are a crook, look at Sweden and immune health and try to keep your hand out of the till!!

  • David F.
    11/03/2020 12:02

    Another reason Trump will crush Biden

  • Min N.
    11/03/2020 11:24

    We're myanmar people we're the great respect to the president Trump and we praying remain long time

  • Nancy C.
    11/03/2020 08:26

    Biden would do better to control the virus

  • Timofei K.
    11/03/2020 08:22

    Looks like Trump is going to win again 😢

  • Barrie G.
    11/03/2020 08:05

    2016-2020 shud b erased from the history of America

  • Al H.
    11/03/2020 03:34

    Try not to say mr trump is insane. it is covid 19.

  • Rajib S.
    11/02/2020 18:49

    Biden best

  • Jared J.
    11/02/2020 16:55

    Trump's a Pedo😂

  • Hardat G.
    11/02/2020 15:48

    220 thousands Americans died since the Chinese city named Wuhan became a word on our collective tongue's, reality is,,were having around 4 billion humans alive today's whose unnecessary, the matterhorn is melting, if we don't find the way to keep earth cool, flooding, inclement weather and economic destabilization is inevitable, refugees and angst is presently been mass produced, under the guise of religion and racism, soon it's going to look like life don't matter, mature minds, must step forward, cowards must stand down.

  • Jess G.
    11/02/2020 14:59

    Trump is a f****** disaster people this is like a movie the bad guy in the movie it's not supposed to be real human beings that f***** up

  • Grazyna S.
    11/02/2020 14:46

    Solo ❤Trump😍.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris L.
    11/02/2020 08:16

    If you can’t handle the truth don’t be involved

  • Vagelis P.
    11/02/2020 07:36

    Joe bidden is the end of the free world

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