Trump vs. Biden on racial insensitivity

"He's the racist." During the first presidential debate, Trump and Biden slammed each other's record on racial justice.

09/30/2020 4:25 AM


  • Horatio F.
    05/31/2021 12:59

    Dumbbell Trump is the Biggest Loser of All Time. His father would be ashamed to know how much of a Loser he is. comrade Trump is not just a Narcissist. The Antichrist is a Narcissistic Sociopath. Combination of Narcissistic and Sociopathic Personalities. Creates a Synergistic effect. Like taking a Sleeping Pill with Alcohol, instead of water. Famous Narcissistic Sociopaths are The Serial Killers. They do it all: Kill, Lie, Cheat, Steal. Other Narcissistic Sociopaths, like Donnie Dumbbell, are Serial Liars, Serial Cheaters, Serial Thieves. They have an uncontrollable impulse to deceive others. Comrade Trump is the Type of Narcissistic Sociopath that loves conning, lying, and manipulating people. They live for it and enjoy it immensely. It gives them a Rush and a Sense of Power and Superiority. This masks their Inferiority Complex. Narcissistic Sociopaths are Emotionally Blind and Emotionally Bankrupt. They lack a conscience or any type of Moral Compass. They need to feel important all the time. The Loser is acting like a Child because Dumbbell doesn’t understand how to act. The Greatest Weakness of almost all Narcissistic Sociopaths is their Huge but Frail Ego. This makes it easy to manipulate them. Narcissistic Sociopaths are very afraid. They hate everyone. They mimic, feign, and repeat emotions, but don’t really understand them. Narcissistic Sociopaths are Chameleons. I’ve observed a Narcissistic Sociopath change from being one person to being someone else. It was amazing from a scientific standpoint while at the same time being a terrifying experience to witness. Trump is a Narcissistic Sociopath. Whether you believe it or not, is your choice. Sociopaths don’t pray. How can they ???? Trump never prays. Couldn’t even read from the Bible in front of the Church.

  • Kevin S.
    03/26/2021 21:28

    It's the parents who teach racism

  • Johnny L.
    10/06/2020 02:36

    It is a racist place spraytan a$$wipe

  • Ivy K.
    10/05/2020 18:42

    I don't BELEIVE LIERS and theives especially when they think they have imaginary power

  • Lisa V.
    10/04/2020 19:50

    Trump you’re theRacist you’re a liar you downplayed the cove it for months now and now you’re in the hospital with fake Covid you said the Democrats made it up your garbage of our country

  • Janet P.
    10/04/2020 15:58

    America is a racist country. That’s a fact. Sorry Trump. But you are blind.

  • Barb O.
    10/04/2020 14:49

    Listening to this again makes me see how really bad trump is. Making all kinds of comments that make no sense.

  • Xico M.
    10/04/2020 11:54

    Biden is a creepy old guy....

  • Nuno C.
    10/04/2020 10:40

    Extremist speech, the victim speech, the "they are saying this and others are doing that to our country", both extremes are winning and that is not good. People need a calm, relaxed speech, need no talk about economy, security, education, real every day problems.

  • Alida S.
    10/04/2020 05:47

    TRUMP 202O HES STILL GONNA BE YOUR PRESIDENT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Kathy L.
    10/04/2020 05:45

    Biden you are lying they are doing that.

  • Chevy T.
    10/04/2020 01:40

    Trump's the Best President Ever

  • Michael J.
    10/03/2020 23:46

    Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden once said he didn't want his kids to grow up in a "racial jungle" in regards to desegregation. Trump dated a Black woman. Biden would not date a Black woman. Those that accuse others of being a racist are usually hiding their racist past.

  • Kurt M.
    10/03/2020 23:38

    Look long and hard and come up empty with Trump being a racist, doesn't take a person all that long (13 seconds actually) to come up with NUMEROUS instances with Biden being a racist

  • Bradley E.
    10/03/2020 21:41

    Cleva man has covid

  • Robert A.
    10/03/2020 18:26

    Wow! What about your kids going to school and you Not wanting them to enter a "Racial jungle" on segregation!! What about "poor kids are just as smart as White kids" What about "If you don't know whether to vote for Me or Trump, then you ain't Black! Quite the insult to Black people's freedom of choice! What about "No I am not taking a test, what about you, are you on drugs or something?" He said to a Black reporter! Harris HERSELF challenged Biden on segregation on bussing! Later laughing it off, like she does when challenged, "It was a Debate, <laughing>, it was a Debate!" So debates are not serious, seemed dramatically serious at the time!! Now show me Racist remarks from Trump!

  • Robert A.
    10/03/2020 18:19

  • Joanie B.
    10/03/2020 14:42

    💙💙💙💙 Vote 💙💙💙💙

  • Ray M.
    10/03/2020 11:52

    Biden is the racist, his bill in 1994 he wrote proves his racist agenda.

  • Jodie S.
    10/03/2020 11:06

    Like two teenage boys arguing over a girl. Is it now the Law in America that the age limit to run for Presidency is 65 years and over? Get someone younger in, not some decrepit old farts who's brain's are slowly withering away.