• Greg W.
    4 days

    He's Putin's b/[email protected]#

  • Judy C.
    5 days

    You are too hateful to lead this country

  • Matty C.
    10/22/2020 14:23


  • Jose R.
    10/21/2020 07:38

    No entendi ni verga . No ablo ingles

  • Rahmat B.
    10/21/2020 06:38

    Why does Joe refused to condemn Antifa and BLM? Because they are his ideas to blame Trump for the riots and arsons done to his own constituencies

  • Agathe D.
    10/21/2020 06:32

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  • Jason A.
    10/21/2020 03:35

    It is "he did not cry at childbirth" for me.....😂🤣

  • Tina I.
    10/21/2020 01:00

    Joe ! You lucky you have-leg hair ! To keep the children amused ! Comon !

  • Bri B.
    10/20/2020 23:55

    https://images2.imgbox.com/de/e1/UbTFrE19_o.png lol

  • John O.
    10/20/2020 19:06

    Trump 2020

  • Barbara C.
    10/20/2020 18:27

    Trump tells lies

  • Marianne P.
    10/20/2020 18:13

    Trump is not healthy he is old and weak - look at his face, he does not look like someone who have a Long a time left to live 🙈👍👍

  • Fidel G.
    10/20/2020 04:22

    Trump complains all the time! 😂

  • Ry L.
    10/20/2020 03:45

    Talk about Their dads tho!

  • Nick F.
    10/20/2020 02:42

    Biden: "It's about the abuse of power" *Cough* Hunter Biden *Cough* Ukraine *Cough* China

  • Marcus C.
    10/20/2020 00:24

    T💩💩💩P🤺🏃🐛🧎🧑‍🦽🧑‍🦯............ . .🤣😷

  • Max D.
    10/19/2020 21:10

    47 years in office.

  • Lukey M.
    10/19/2020 19:33

    Biden is the epitome of a weak man If any liberal makes a demand he merely panders for a vote.

  • Joe C.
    10/19/2020 16:21

    Bidens a pedophile

  • Shawn S.
    10/19/2020 12:43

    They're like two kids arguing.

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