• Bernadette R.
    10/16/2021 17:25

    Much respect for president bidden much 👏 🙌

  • တတာ တ.
    10/06/2021 14:19


  • Stephen B.
    09/19/2021 15:21

    Trump is a cowardly clown shoe

  • Andrew M.
    08/30/2021 03:27


  • Shirley N.
    08/28/2021 22:30

    At least Trump knows what he's doing

  • Roman A.
    08/27/2021 17:15

    Trump was right, look at how pathetic Biden is as president

  • Ed G.
    08/27/2021 00:21

    President Biden has more courage in his little finger than trump has in his entire body! Biden knows what he is doing; trump is a buffoon!

  • Awoju F.
    08/25/2021 19:55

    has got a good call in Afghanistan

  • Brock B.
    08/25/2021 14:01

    We need President Trump back in office!

  • Todd S.
    08/24/2021 08:39

    Bahahaha... Biden is a old clown

  • David K.
    08/23/2021 22:01

    "Oink, me me me" and the entire world is still laughing

  • George V.
    08/23/2021 13:55

    Talking about weak, the liar in chief is the most imbecil president ever.

  • Terri C.
    08/19/2021 04:47

    Everybody knows that: his favorite statement to solidify a lie

  • Adolfo M.
    08/18/2021 23:53

    He is not that weak .he beat you a single handle you out of office.who weak your weak little ✋ racist red face.

  • Bob R.
    08/18/2021 02:29

    Today is August 17th Joe Biden still your president

  • Raymond H.
    08/15/2021 13:52

    Trump’s lying and Democracy Dying Worst President Ever

  • Al R.
    08/13/2021 21:52

    Biden is a statesman and diplomat ....trump is a used car salesman lol

  • Rhoda Z.
    08/12/2021 15:01

    U say trump is rthe best u didnt wear a mask tell that to the poor children that lost there family what would they tell trump

  • Kamalha W.
    08/09/2021 21:06


  • Angie A.
    08/09/2021 13:26

    Biden we are not getting any better and you know that 😡 Your leadership is awful.

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