Trump vs. Obama: Death of Terrorist Leaders

May 1, 2011: Obama announces bin Laden’s death October 27, 2019 : Trump announces Baghdadi’s death Two presidents, two styles.

The president's comments represented a stark departure from how he felt in 2012

A U.S. Special Forces operation led to the death of the Islamic State's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in Syria. In his announcement, President Donald Trump said al-Baghdadi "died like a dog" while detonating an explosive vest that killed himself and three children. Following the raid, the White House released a photo from inside the Situation Room. Two photos and they're quite noticeable in which each administration has handled counter terrorism.

One can get the impression that these are a bunch of professionals focused on a serious job of watching over a dangerous operation that would inevitably lead to death and that could go horribly wrong. For Trump, on the other hand, there is no distinction between the image of the job and the work itself. He promoted his own role in the al-Baghdadi raid, put himself on a pedestal compared with previous presidents, and, in the end, what should have been an announcement of the U.S.'s most significant counterterrorism victory in five years turned into another Trump show episode.

The Obama-era photo and speech, meanwhile during the Bin-Laden raid, strikes a significantly less formal tone while delivering the gravity of the moment. As the Associated Press reported, the 2011 photo depicts a packed room of advisers and reflects Obama's "interest in receiving a broad array of opinions." Osama bin Laden, the founder and first leader of the Islamist terrorist group, Al-Qaeda, was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, by United States Navy SEALs of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group also known as SEAL Team Six. Obama is an object in the 2011 photo, while Trump is the subject of the 2019 photo. The president's comments represented a stark departure from how he felt in 2012. "Stop congratulating Obama for killing Bin Laden," he tweeted. "The Navy Seals killed Bin Laden."


10/28/2019 9:03 PMupdated: 10/29/2019 4:03 PM


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  • Marie H.
    09/20/2020 04:42

    Where is the part that Trump says "they didn't even knock on the door, may we come in"? No wonder he thinks they are losers, probably thinks they are rude to perform a sneak attack this way.

  • Jason O.
    08/14/2020 13:50

    Has the TERRORISTS G W Bush OR Tony Blair been brought to justice yet 🤔 🤔

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    Funny how Osama is actually retired from CIA to chill on the Bahamas

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    Just for vote bank

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    terrorist? supported by them, atleast a small prevention that islamic nation would not be united and stop its total progression, if that happens goodbye US.

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    The fact Trump is president of the united states honestly 🤯 I honestly can't imagine how so many people voted for him. He's a total embarrassment to you all.

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    Let's turn the tables. Black president is more intelligent and exceptional leadership. White president is ignorant and arrogant, no tact at all.

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    Trump act like an open lobby on COD and Obama is a Teamleader in Squad. 😝😂😂😂

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