Trump VS Obama, the (virtual) debate on immigration

Trump VS Obama : we made them talk about immigration. Outch.

01/31/2017 7:48 PM
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  • Daniel J.
    02/01/2017 01:11

    First comment🤔🤔

  • Xavier P.
    02/01/2017 01:28

    Obama mis respetos es gran tipaso

  • Lemba N.
    02/01/2017 02:08

    Shut his ass Obama the best

  • Archer S.
    02/01/2017 02:37

    They both make good points buuut trump is right about trojan horse.

  • Max S.
    02/01/2017 03:56

    From an honorable President Obama to despicable Trump.

  • Jawad C.
    02/01/2017 05:08

    Obama was the Greatest President Ever..❤

  • Linda S.
    02/01/2017 05:50

    Adlaida Gomez I guess you voted for Trump and you don't like My President Obama that's OK but when Trump deports you and your family back to Cuba like he is doing to other immigrants don't say shit

  • Neha A.
    02/01/2017 21:21

    I miss Obama 😭

  • Thu T.
    02/01/2017 21:37


  • Morris K.
    02/01/2017 22:18

    Great video

  • Andrea M.
    02/01/2017 22:27

    Ofama u tried ur best to bring our country down, letting in " ur brother n sisters Muslims" in. Plus U n Killary have tried ur best to fan the flames of hatred n violence here in our nation, that is just the beginning of Ur corruption, need I say more

  • Jimmy W.
    02/01/2017 22:36

    Go Trump! Build that wall and no more refugees. Time to put "OUR" own first and quit playing daycare for the rest of the world. Let the other countries pull their own weight for awhile.

  • Vlejandro M.
    02/01/2017 22:37

    both of them are fucking fake amd liars #fuckobamaandtrump

  • Michele C.
    02/01/2017 23:12

    Yes Trump continue to rally people using fear and prejudice. It's toxic but it works 😣

  • David K.
    02/01/2017 23:15

    Still on the trump train 🚂 thanks !!!!😉👍 Come legally ;)

  • Rdwa F.
    02/02/2017 00:13

    و لكنه حماااار

  • Jacob M.
    02/02/2017 00:59

    this literally made me laugh out loud

  • Joseph W.
    02/02/2017 01:48

    Fake news.

  • William W.
    02/02/2017 04:01

    All I got to say is I'm glad you and your gay wife are gone

  • Nikola M.
    02/02/2017 04:49

    I thank Obama is right about that