• Monish B.
    06/14/2021 13:18


  • Charles G.
    09/05/2020 23:41

    Trump f:";; this up

  • Roberto C.
    07/31/2020 17:36

    The real problem is to reach out how people follow that crooked man. He does all that evil 'cause he believes with all his heart that God doesn't exist. He holds hate speeches but he's gonna bite his tongue.

  • CMary B.
    07/30/2020 22:25

    I cannot bear the sight of this man's mouth, so small and so mean looking. Then the way he wriggles as he talks his rubbish and lies!

  • Clive J.
    07/30/2020 12:38

    Such a double talking 2 face lieing weak little man cowering in a bunker. and he is the best you republicans can do America has become a joke to the rest of the world and you spinless republicans are worst than he is after November you can all crawl back under your rocks cause there will be no bunker to hide in

  • Gill K.
    07/28/2020 16:47

    LIAR liar bums on 🔥

  • Tony G.
    07/28/2020 06:58


  • Tony G.
    07/28/2020 06:58


  • Tim S.
    07/27/2020 19:21


  • Bob F.
    07/27/2020 16:13

    This is why we need to get this man out of Washington DC and his cronies and he’s called out of Washington DC before the United States actually falls apart with a whole bunch of sick people and nothing has ever been done.

  • Laura G.
    07/27/2020 03:28

    What a f........jerk👹

  • Edwardo G.
    07/26/2020 12:22

    President Bone Spurs!!! 😂

  • Helle O.
    07/25/2020 12:12

    Sick sick sick 😱😱😱😱

  • Ngapeita W.
    07/24/2020 18:28

    Liar 🤥

  • Karlie R.
    07/22/2020 02:19


  • Sándor P.
    07/20/2020 22:11

    You BOZO

  • Megan M.
    07/20/2020 15:27

    is there two of them? I think there must be two of them...

  • André G.
    07/19/2020 12:42

    What comes out of his mouth is like foul smelling gas 💩🥴😵

  • Quinton G.
    07/18/2020 17:28


  • Calvin R.
    07/18/2020 00:05

    Trump would get AIDS an blame it on Democrats. Trump could start a war an blame it on liberals. Trump would literally sell his own shyt to his supporters, when they get sick they'll blame on Obama. The list goes on.