• Guillermo G.
    10/20/2021 12:53

    Why does he sound slow and retarded !?

  • Jane J.
    10/17/2020 20:41

    Yada yada He tells you something then backtracked. His command of the English language is abysmal.. bad.

  • Sean T.
    09/27/2020 00:35

    Can we show some footage of Biden talking now 🤣

  • Maria B.
    09/26/2020 05:27

    Schizophrenic much?? 😳😳😳😳

  • Keni S.
    09/25/2020 06:47

    Wow! Watching this clip makes me sad. Can't people see or hear all these? Is trump not aware what he says is recorded for him to contradict himself all the time? 🙄

  • Simoy F.
    09/24/2020 19:33

    No safe vaccine yet.

  • Carmen T.
    09/24/2020 14:52

    Okay cockwomble supporter, I finally understand the why you support him..You are all bottom line stupid and racist.. you don’t have any other explanation for supporting a rapist, child molester and con artist..Be honest I’ll have more respect for you, because you stand for what you believe.. just don’t go around saying that he has done this and that, because you inability to do research and see facts makes you look brainless..

  • Martin D.
    09/24/2020 14:27

    Trump is just an ignorant, lying pos

  • Margie B.
    09/24/2020 13:20

    Running scared....looking for votes

  • Kevin S.
    09/24/2020 11:09

    We in Australia wish you guys best of luck in getting Reid of this bafoon

  • John P.
    09/24/2020 08:19

    Joe Biden Undermining science? What a f*#*^ hypocrit this president is!! The only world leader who knows better than anybody! Poor America! 🥴

  • Marie L.
    09/24/2020 07:23

    Liar liar pants on fire

  • Linda W.
    09/24/2020 07:09

    Again her soul has left her body when he says crazy things and that's every Day 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ron R.
    09/23/2020 23:44

    How can anyone possibly support this moron anymore?

  • Simon H.
    09/23/2020 23:20

    Does he really believe the crap that comes out of his hideous face?

  • Rod S.
    09/23/2020 23:04

    This president really doesn't know what hes doing. Everybody knows that. A lot of people are saying.

  • Ardys H.
    09/23/2020 21:25

    What other administration is he referring to? The Obama administration didn’t have to Invent some fake vaccine. There was no pandemic in the Obama/Biden years. They set up a pandemic response team that trump fired in 2018. He has no vaccine people. The trials will take a long time and no one knows what will be effective. He’s hedging and tRUMPY is desperate. Only will survive among losers and suckers

  • Marcel T.
    09/23/2020 21:18

    The only way to tell more lies than he does is the wake up earlier than he does

  • Mike D.
    09/23/2020 20:20

    One word PATHETIC!!

  • Bill K.
    09/23/2020 20:08

    Shut up shitler

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