Trump won't call white male attackers terrorists

For Trump, a disturbing pattern has emerged in the aftermath of mass killings.

03/18/2019 6:05 PM
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  • Esther M.
    03/18/2019 18:08

    Watching from Frankfort, IL.

  • Erwin
    03/18/2019 18:12

    That's true only to him

  • Paula K.
    03/18/2019 18:12

    I'm sick to death of the nitpicking. President Trump isn't perfect ... no one is. We should be building one another up, not tearing one another down.

  • Shayla W.
    03/18/2019 18:12

    WV here, and NO! we don't ALL support this horrible monster!

  • Anjum A.
    03/18/2019 18:13

    In newzeland It was the game plan by India &Israel for create civil war between Islam and Christmas, & waiting reaction of Muslims mass killings on cherches all over the world as reaction

  • Nouman T.
    03/18/2019 18:14

    Excellent Brut👏

  • Dorothy G.
    03/18/2019 18:14

    Get a life

  • Matthew D.
    03/18/2019 18:16

    When the Taliban was on the American payroll were they Terrorists Then?

  • Gurpreet K.
    03/18/2019 18:18

    This guy is a joke

  • Mamu M.
    03/18/2019 18:18

    Why do y'all throw such a fit about gun violence but when it comes to worlds leading killer abortion, it's a woman's choice and how dare you tell a woman what to do with her baby, but hey lets regulate guns more and take away people's rights.

  • Tiffany S.
    03/18/2019 18:20

    Surprised ???? Not me

  • Michael C.
    03/18/2019 18:20

    Anyway Brut can redirect the narrative to ensue more hate

  • Josh W.
    03/18/2019 18:20

    It’s not just him though he do what the media do

  • Danish K.
    03/18/2019 18:20

    world trrrorsm america

  • Syed R.
    03/18/2019 18:21

    Egg boy has a lot of work to do.

  • Mohammed M.
    03/18/2019 18:23

    Yup/ he is crook himself with some serious problems

  • Derek E.
    03/18/2019 18:24

    Yeah, the same pattern for 2+ years, of unwarranted hate directed at our president.

  • Omar S.
    03/18/2019 18:25

    Othmane lekher had khouna

  • Robert W.
    03/18/2019 18:28

    Trump supporters 🤡😡🤮

  • Jessica F.
    03/18/2019 18:29

    I’m sorry but not all attacks are defined as terrorism. Just because an attack causes “terror” in people doesn’t mean it’s defined as terrorism. Look up how the FBI and NATO define terrorism then maybe you will understand why the President uses the word when he does.