Trump Won’t Stop Comparing Himself to Obama

Trump? Jealous of Obama? Maybe… 👀

Donald Trump still has Barack Obama on his mind

President Trump might be a bit fixated on the accomplishments of President Obama.

After President Donald Trump stepped into North Korean territory and held his third meeting with Kim Jong Un, he claimed that his predecessor, Barack Obama, had tried and failed to secure a meeting with Kim. Former senior aides to Obama say this is a lie. Independent experts also say it is entirely baseless.

President Donald Trump also falsely boasted that he predicted Osama bin Laden's 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and inaccurately asserted he had always opposed the war in Iraq in another news conference that often fell short on facts. All along, various stakeholders, including the Syrian people have looked up to Washington, hoping it plays a decisive role in ending the violence that has left half a million people dead and pushed 5.6 million more to take refuge abroad.

Gridlock and opposition in Congress forced Obama to resort to executive orders during his pronounced late-presidency focus on prisons, sentencing and policing – an ultimately limited course of action. Trump also enacted sweeping changes to the federal prison system that will allow tens of thousands of federal inmates to be released from prison over the next 10 years, but there’s little data about who or where they are now. The legislation signed by President Donald Trump makes big changes to the treatment and rehabilitation of low-level federal prisoners.

During a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, President Donald Trump took a shot at former President Barack Obama, claiming that while the Trump administration provided Ukraine with "anti-tank busters," Obama simply sent "pillows and sheets."

The crowd-size controversy began a day after the inauguration, when President Donald Trump claimed the media had misrepresented the number of people attending his inauguration. Tweet: “Now, President Obama, he had… No, he was in Miami or someplace and in the big basketball arena that seats 18,000 people, he had a thousand people. Seriously, and no one person that I saw reported that.” Nearly at the end of his first term, Donald Trump still has Barack Obama on his mind.