• Lee M.
    09/01/2021 23:38

    My generation where told to never get in a car with strangers, this generation willingly pays for it.

  • Shantel J.
    08/30/2021 14:09

    I would’ve pulled off on them h*es 😂✌🏾

  • Gilles G.
    08/25/2021 08:56

    Traduction en français brut sinon pas la peine de mettre vos vidéo en France 🇫🇷

  • Jake R.
    08/24/2021 19:40

    Redirect yoself straight to the cop shop and watch their nuts drop... lose a fare, gain satisfaction

  • Terry G.
    08/24/2021 00:27

    They would be begging me to stop the car

  • Gulshan C.
    08/23/2021 07:09

    you were worried they didn't have mask , then few moment latter you didn't have a mask either!! lol don't try to police others, covid is not so dangerous, if it were you would be sick or dead by now as they touched and unmasked!

  • Owi Z.
    08/23/2021 00:55

    If this incident wasn't recorded, those 3 girls would have accused him of molesting them bcoz you know, he is not white & the police will believe the girls. Thank God it was all recorded

  • Samuelson M.
    08/22/2021 21:19

    Can I have a drive

  • Rana N.
    08/22/2021 20:37

    Drive there ares to the police station 🚉 🤣

  • Jay S.
    08/22/2021 17:28

    Vaccinated people feel like they don’t need a mask. Smh so it begins.

  • Ebony H.
    08/22/2021 17:12

    Definitely need their heads stomp on ya brats 😂

  • Adriana R.
    08/22/2021 02:33

    I hope those 3 are in jail for a long time!!! I’m so sorry sir.

  • Jamal E.
    08/22/2021 02:16

    Those 3 in the back are lucky that Ivan Milat wasn't driving

  • Frankie J.
    08/22/2021 01:54

    That’s so … no words for anyone who acts like this. Glad they got charged.

  • Ammar A.
    08/21/2021 23:55

    Bunch of B!tches

  • Colin D.
    08/21/2021 23:03

    Make em walk

  • Richard B.
    08/21/2021 22:35

    They act like Hyenas because no one has put them in check. The punishment for this type of behavior in Singapore is 30 lashes from a cane across the back. In Dubai they lock you up with hard time.

  • Jordan R.
    08/21/2021 21:57

    She's got an ego complex

  • Chris H.
    08/21/2021 21:50

    Should look into getting the British cabs they keep the driver safe well more safe than he was in that atleast uber an the manufacturer get it done for your American driver's

  • Lynda R.
    08/21/2021 21:49

    those 3 were degenerates and need to to meet consequences for their vulgarity and inhumaneness

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