UN Members Laugh at Trump's "Accomplishments"

UN members couldn't contain their laughter when Trump boasted about his administration's historic accomplishments.

09/25/2018 7:01 PM
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  • Leo M.
    09/25/2018 19:05

    He's an idiot. !!!!

  • Richard E.
    09/25/2018 19:09

    wow build wall kick Mexicans out of country make rich people richer throw poor out on streets end food for poor programs cause riots and protest in streets. wow what more for next year.

  • Karen R.
    09/25/2018 19:16

    Good going. Continue to allow people to laugh at us.

  • Michael C.
    09/25/2018 19:18

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  • Day S.
    09/25/2018 19:20

    Parece que no comprende que se ríen de el, no con el.

  • Javier H.
    09/25/2018 19:23

    U.S. likes u ...Go on our Trump.

  • Christine S.
    09/25/2018 19:23


  • Mel O.
    09/25/2018 19:25

    And with that statement, trump sealed the fact that the office of presidency has become a global joke. Sad thing, he has not realized that yet and thinks he is accepted and beloved.

  • Jim M.
    09/25/2018 19:26

    They laughed at trump Not WITH him. They laughed AT him. He’s a joke; not a comedian. The result is our country becoming weaker and more isolated.

  • Starr L.
    09/25/2018 19:45

    What a moron

  • Jennifer H.
    09/25/2018 20:00

    Trump is a glib SOB

  • Bob C.
    09/25/2018 20:13

    The laughingstock heard round the world 🌎 !

  • Aboud A.
    09/25/2018 20:16

    Hhhhhh I remember men lik him " lol "

  • Luis M.
    09/25/2018 20:27

    A complete idiot to the rest of the world!! What a clown we have now in office!!!

  • Mohammedkhalid K.
    09/25/2018 20:32

    He's brought SHAME and disgrace to America 👎

  • Lawrence W.
    09/25/2018 20:40

    And the world laughed......

  • T.j. K.
    09/25/2018 20:55

    Disgraceful. Pathetic. Trump Trash ruining America.🤡🗑🤥

  • Carmen B.
    09/25/2018 20:56

    Dude that reaction show how stupid u are. Duh

  • Michelle J.
    09/25/2018 20:56

    He’s too dumb even to know their laughing at him not with him.

  • Kathrin G.
    09/25/2018 21:13

    Wonder what he'll say when he gets canned..