• Orkan Ö.
    04/23/2020 22:46

    It sounds fine. But He ignores that Trump is actually the most aggressiv and hurtfull politician on the scene. So he kinda breaks with his own attitude. So I am sorry to say that, but this guy is a hypocrite by definition 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Ikahn E.
    10/20/2018 09:40

    He's stupid.

  • Brut
    10/19/2018 14:21

    For more viewpoints from across the United States, check out The Voters - https://www.facebook.com/BrutTheVoters/

  • Sabine H.
    10/19/2018 06:02

    Undecided? After all this? WTF is wrong with you?

  • Jeff L.
    10/18/2018 22:00

    Dude is a bit of an idealist and hypocrite on the wall issue. As a white, European immigrant descendent I want everyone in the world to have the same exact opportunity to immigrate here as my ancestors did. And that means, if you can walk, swim, fly, run, jump, climb, somersault your way onto US soil... then you deserve to be allowed to immigrate. 100% of non-Native Amiercans came here illegally. Why is there now a push to call other people coming over in the same fashion as illegal??? Why are they trying to wall themselves in and close off everyone behind them wanting to come in?? In the immortal words of Pink Floyd... TEAR DOWN THE WALL!!!

  • Toufiq D.
    10/18/2018 21:44


  • Steven C.
    10/18/2018 21:43

    Trump is a traitor 👎

  • Steven C.
    10/18/2018 21:43


  • Roxy R.
    10/18/2018 21:36

    My moral compass tells me it’s not okay to mock disabled people or separate children from their mothers. Where did it come from? It comes from having a soul. Sorry this guy is struggling about where he stands. Ugh {screaming into my pillow}

  • Violet D.
    10/18/2018 21:35

    Live and let live, your life, your business. do no harm.

  • Amy S.
    10/18/2018 21:33

    Now listen to what he is saying and think of him being a Democrat. He is Questioning how we came about our decisions, our politics, our views as though it was guided by ONE simple concept. (parental influence alone? Really?) Must think we are “simple”. I would love to see the rebuttal to this. Being angry, because of watching injustices, is morally sound. Not being touched by it is anti-social behavior. SMDH.

  • Toufiq D.
    10/18/2018 21:30


  • মোহাম্মদ র.
    10/18/2018 21:10


  • Izabel C.
    10/18/2018 21:07

    Food for thought, especially here in Brazil where elections became a war zone.

  • Jane H.
    10/18/2018 21:06

    Good points. My moral compass says we shouldn't separate children from their families and lock them up. My moral compass also makes me angry that this occurs. It is such a difficult topic and insulting those who disagree doesn't change their minds--agree absolutely. But it is hard not to feel enraged on behalf of abused children. What do you propose as a solution? I would love to have one...

  • Shahid S.
    10/18/2018 21:06


  • Hiba A.
    10/18/2018 21:04

    nice topic

  • Bruce J.
    10/18/2018 21:04

    Good morning all to world my friend and today

  • Zoily R.
    10/18/2018 21:03


  • Ahmed G.
    10/18/2018 21:03


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