Veteran Fixes Cars at No Charge

Can’t afford auto repairs? Not a problem — this Army vet fixes them up at no charge. 😁🔧

03/25/2019 10:21 AMupdated: 03/25/2019 2:01 PM
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  • Sharon M.
    03/25/2019 10:23

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  • Esai D.
    03/25/2019 10:25

    Where is this man at?

  • Japi C.
    03/25/2019 10:51

    Mechanics hate him! Press like to see why

  • Aleise L.
    03/25/2019 11:57


  • Adam E.
    03/25/2019 11:58

  • Adam E.
    03/25/2019 11:59

  • Adam E.
    03/25/2019 12:00

  • Adam E.
    03/25/2019 12:00

    See more at!

  • David R.
    03/25/2019 12:00

    This guy needs to get paid somehow. If people are unwilling to support financially then they will end up without it. Have the guy start a go fund me account or somthing...

  • Kellie D.
    03/25/2019 12:32

    Makes me proud to be an Okie!!!

  • Russell B.
    03/25/2019 12:34

    True American HERO

  • Gary R.
    03/25/2019 12:41

    Adam Ely 👏👏 you are a true gentleman sir keep up the good work, the workd needs more like you

  • Trevor B.
    03/25/2019 12:42

    AATW brother keep on keepin on!

  • Barbara K.
    03/25/2019 12:42

    Adam is a big bad bearded angel!!! That has a heart so big no one will ever know! And I have the pleasure to call him and his beautiful wife friend and family!

  • Taj M.
    03/25/2019 12:46

    Fifth grade in our schools know how work engine

  • Taj M.
    03/25/2019 12:47

    Must be a shame for man to take car for mechanic

  • Taj M.
    03/25/2019 12:49

    My Respect for !

  • Miles M.
    03/25/2019 12:52

    This guy deserves the vip room in heaven

  • Samantha T.
    03/25/2019 12:52

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this great guy and his lovely wife and he was kind enough to come by my house and take a look at my sons car for free & give him some much needed mechanical advice. He’s the real deal and they are such good people ❤️

  • Brian S.
    03/25/2019 13:01

    Bullshit. He can work. He is working. No reason he can't get a job