War against unrealistic body image

Many countries are fighting a new war: the one against unrealistic body image! Weaponry? Laws banning models “too thin” from catwalks and labels on photoshopped images.

09/19/2017 7:00 PM
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  • Adav Z.
    09/20/2017 03:53

    Just don't make that your goal.... looks ugly anyways to thin lol

  • Dawn S.
    09/20/2017 11:59

    On the topic of photoshop, I'm not sure why it doesn't occur to people that, on balance, the image they're looking at probably is photoshopped and therefore should be ignored. Also, if you need to photoshop something to get attention onto your product, what you're selling just isn't that good. I also fail to understand why, if someone told you to lose weight to get a job, you wouldn't stick two fingers up at them and go do something else? (Being told 'you need to have a higher level of fitness' is different. You need to be fit and strong to be a firefighter, for example) But ultimately I agree. Sickly, unhealthy models shouldn't be permitted if only for the sake of the healthy of those models. For people who are likely to go 'that's what they look like, I need to look like that too'... I think they've got a deeper issue, related to putting too much emphasis on what other people think of you and your physical appearance.

  • Kidd V.
    09/20/2017 18:20


  • Abigail M.
    09/20/2017 18:25

    Don't think anyone cares about people's weight anyone so who actually cares the modern woman knows they're beautiful inside, so what's size got to do with it 🤔🤔🤔🤔 bore off. Im done with yo size bull shite!

  • Emma B.
    09/20/2017 19:52

    give this a watch

  • Natalie F.
    09/21/2017 01:33

    Their legs are shaking when they walk. They don't even look like they can function properly...

  • Devanee A.
    10/18/2017 01:32

    Models are super skinny so that you'll pay more attention to the clothing they're wearing, not them. Models are not symbols of beauty. They're symbols of fashion.

  • Angie R.
    09/01/2018 13:19

    Ugly models...

  • Emma M.
    09/05/2018 17:26

    Umm 😐 regular people if they waste they money on these clothes will be wearing them they WILL NOT be skinny so why the models got to look like they dying 🚮

  • Vanessa H.
    09/06/2018 05:47

    As a slender person from youth, I was scouted for modeling. Funny thing is, even though my BMI was under 18, I was perfectly healthy. I played soccer about 10 hours a week, rode horses, rode my bike to school daily, etc. Still, I’m sure I would have been told to lose weight in the industry, while being told at school that I looked weak (while being the 2nd best long distance runner), nicknamed “Chopsticks” because my legs were so thin, etc. Being told I wasn’t feminine because I had no breasts or butt, yet should be a model, the epitome of what young girls strive for at that age, is confusing to say the least. Thankfully I had a mom who told me it didn’t matter what the heck I looked like as long as I was healthy. Do I think super thin girls should be excluded, no. But I do recognize ONLY using super thin models is an industry problem. Thankfully many companies have realized in the last decade that their customers enjoy seeing models of all body types in the clothes they are considering buying. I hope things continue to diversify and no more young people are told to lose weight just to fit in a cookie cutter industry.

  • Raul G.
    09/06/2018 09:24

    Now this is what I'm talking about😚

  • Jesus M.
    09/06/2018 09:55

    I don't rly get why did this even started. Being too skinny or too fat is just unhealthy. Fashion shouldn't just through health out the window. I guess money truly is the root of all evil.

  • Amanda Q.
    09/06/2018 12:50

    I just wanna feed these poor girls 😢

  • Tom J.
    09/06/2018 15:49

    The fundamental issue of all of this lies in what a model is. Models are a person that someone else has decided will be the desirable standard you aim to become. So size zero models are dangerous, as are plus sized (both due to physical stresses on the body), but also any model that sits in between (particularly when there is a fashionable desirable trait e.g. the angular face, or tooth gap as we saw was the trend a few years ago). When it's not making people desire dangerous body types, it provides a goal that is so hard to perfect that it creates incredible mental stress and dissatisfaction. All in all, the act of modelling is marketing an elite and mentally instilling a necessity to change.

  • Austin E.
    09/06/2018 17:40

    I'm a concept artist and I find skinny is so boring to draw. I love drawing curves because that's where the funs at.

  • Kaila L.
    09/06/2018 18:33

    In my opinion when you hit too skinny you loose that attractiveness bones are not sexy like some people think

  • Colton G.
    09/06/2018 20:06

    Nobody’s wears that stuff in public anyways, why do these shows exist

  • Maverick K.
    09/06/2018 20:12

    I dont care if theyre skinny or plus size... just put more clothes on 😂

  • Joseph K.
    09/06/2018 20:26

    As a man i feel like im the last brainwashed person that likes classic beauty so i don't like fat women even though most women are fat.

  • Carlos B.
    09/06/2018 22:19

    That's like, dead clear body shaming