Wearing a face mask: a timeline

Dr. Fauci says Americans may still need to wear masks in 2022... From antimaskers to double masking, a timeline.

02/22/2021 8:51 PMupdated: 02/22/2021 8:54 PM


  • David B.
    10 hours

    Yep, telling it like it is.

  • Justindhas
    19 hours


  • Max R.
    20 hours

    Haha they’re so hilarious

  • Sherrie L.
    a day


  • Delmon E.
    2 days

    To be safe, I just won't go outside or physically interact with those virus infected homosapiens.

  • Decky P.
    2 days

    When the Umbrella Virus come, that's when they will listen🤫😉

  • Karla D.
    2 days


  • Esra M.
    2 days

    My theory is that because of high quantity of processed food they consume, Americans are loosing logic. 🙃

  • Jean P.
    2 days

    Mask up Amerika

  • Aaron M.
    2 days

    Why haven't any of these so called scientists and scholars went on tv every day and night and tell people to exercise,take vitamin D , get sunlight, ? My guess is that its on purpose, less sick people equals less money for governments!

  • Aaron M.
    2 days

    If you think a mask will save you , sorry you are very ignorant. Did you know that a VIRUS doesn't know our leaders draconian rules! Here's some information nobody seems to ask about , You can get infected through your eyes, ears , and open sores! Uh oh time to wrap up like a mummy ! Educate yourselves people use what your momma gave you 🧠!

  • John P.
    2 days

    Fk the mask wearing btches

  • Justin W.
    2 days

    Go to hell

  • Hilary G.
    2 days

    So sick of hearing people say how bad they are treated for not wearing a mask! My grandma was treated badly because ppl didn’t wear a mask! She lost her life to covid! Screw all of you anti maskers. Just wait till you finally lose someone you hold dearly. I always hoped it would never come it that but apparently people keep to stupid unless they experience first hand!

  • Jay S.
    2 days

    It don’t matter that fauci was saying we don’t need to wear a mask. Smart people that didn’t want to infect other people wore masks. It was the people that didn’t take this virus serious that weren’t, wearing masks.

  • Anita B.
    2 days

    Good! Keeping mine

  • Jonson W.
    2 days

    Covid-19 biggest scam in the history 🤣

  • Enis R.
    2 days

    Masks are useful only if the virus is size of a flies or size of mosquitos.They don't know that? They're PhD 's Dr' s etc Unbelievable.

  • Sebastian P.
    2 days

    Murica' ...the land of the everlasting...:))

  • Hoani T.
    2 days

    🖕Get Fkd Fauci.

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