What a 16-Year-Old Witnessed After The Sri Lanka Terror Attack

This 16-year-old was studying for exams when she heard a blast from the Sri Lanka terrorist attack that killed hundreds on Easter Sunday. She ran over to St. Sebastian's Church and this is the horrific scene she witnessed.

Attack in Sri Lanka: A young schoolgirl tells what she saw

Primasha Fernando is a young schoolgirl who lives in Sri Lanka. She experienced the attacks that struck her country on April 21, 2019 very closely. Here is his testimony.

Primasha Fernando is a young schoolgirl living in Sri Lanka. She arrived at San Sebastián Church, one of the churches most severely affected by the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, just minutes after the explosion. She tells what she saw:

"The whole church smelled of blood, I saw girls my age, I saw that many of them were crying outside." She describes the carnage inside the church: "It was a horrible situation … Many people were shredded … legs, hands were separated from the bodies. I saw that many young children were dead."

The girl witnessed shocking scenes: " Some mothers held their children in their hands and died together.

A few days after the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka, Primasha Fernando remains traumatized and filled with sadness:

"Last night I could not sleep I just thought about what happened to my loved ones I feel really sad."