What Billionaires Would Pay Under Elizabeth Warren's Plan

If Warren is elected president, this is what the country's richest will have to pay .💸

Good news – they’ll still be extraordinarily rich

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s new wealth tax proposal would take in 6 cents on every dollar over $1 billion in net worth. Billionaire Bill Gates had this to say on CNBC: When you say I should pay $100 billion, okay then I’m starting to do a little math about what I have left over. Sorry, I’m just kidding. The Warren campaign trolled Gates by releasing a tax calculator for billionaires. Here’s what America’s richest people would actually cough up.

  1. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

Net Worth: $112 Billion

Would pay: $6.66 Billion

  1. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft

Net Worth: $107 Billion

Would pay: $6.38 Billion

  1. Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Net Worth: $87.5 Billion

Would pay $5.19 Billion

  1. Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook

Net Worth: $73.4 Billion

Would Pay: $4.3 Billion

  1. Larry Page CEO of Alphabet

Net Worth: $62.6 Billion

Would Pay: $3.70 Billion

Gates — worth an estimated $106 billion, according to Forbes — would have to pay almost $6 billion annually in addition to his other taxes. It turns out Bill Gates wouldn’t pay $100 billion under Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax, after all. In fact, he wouldn't’ even have to fork over the $20 billion he said he’d be glad to pay. At least not in the first year. Under Warren’s “ultra-millionaire tax,” households making at least $50 million would pay a 2% tax on every dollar above that amount and then a 3% tax for every dollar of net worth above $1 billion. Under Warren’s “ultra-millionaire tax,” households making at least $50 million would pay a 2% tax on every dollar above that amount and then a 3% tax for every dollar of net worth above $1 billion.


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  • Mike B.
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    Pay back the grants you received as a minority Indian, out of your pocket, and ill lesson to your BS on this. Until then, beat your tom tom somewhere else

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    She's as stupid as Nancy!!!!

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    She's nuts!

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    Flat tax, no loopholes.

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    Brut... you fail time and time again

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    What will we do when they just won’t do business in America to avoid these high taxes?

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    POS Socialist....move to Venezuela!

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    Let me see....who takes the risk the Owners or the Workers? Why do you think because the owner has made money he owes everyone else something? The saying is true. The more you make the more they take! Sorry but I can't trust someone who lies about her heritage to save HERSELF money!

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    Stupid hag and stupider sheeple listening to her crapola.

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    The wealthiest nation owned by the Chinese.

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    Look at history. Anytime the wealthy are taxed past a certain point, they take their money and leave. Under Obama this is what we saw happening over and over again. New York at this moment has so many wealthy leaving that they are audited before they can leave the state. Even Cuomo said, you wanted me to tax them and now they are leaving.

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    We know who paid for your education.

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    still wouldnot be a trillion dollars and her plan would cost at least three trillion maybe more according how many more illegal invasions they create

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    The woman wants to destroy this country from within. She's a globalist. No matter what they say, it's all a front for making the country take a nosedive in an attempt to reign us in to global control. Her foreign policy will be terrible. Worse than Obama. She wants to support all of this gender changing crap and does her absolute best to wokescold and whiteshame people. Culturally and globally she would not be a good president for America.

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    Has Elizabeth Warren reimbursed the illegal tuition she was granted by falsely stating she was Native American?? Has she made good to the spot she took away from a genuine Native American who missed out on college by lying about her roots...<silence>...of course she hasn't...let's start with you Warren and made things right and then and only then you can preach about what is right...let's stop the "do as I say" and get back to "do as I do"...sadly we all know it will never go home and have a beer!

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    She will not be President

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    Or we could cut 80% of federal employees. And get rid of high schools and have all kids take online course so that way they can work full time jobs. Here's another idea... Stop making college students waste time on useless courses.

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    Never gna happen.... Save ur money for ur retirement home...

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    Democrat the New definition of Mental Disorder