What Happened to Otto Warmbier?

The details around the Otto Warmbier saga in North Korea are still a mystery — including his failing health and untimely death. Here's what we do know.

03/04/2019 7:49 PM


  • Ed G.
    10/20/2019 08:08

    He shouldnt steal or act arrogant, when you are in dangerous countries....

  • Dale H.
    03/31/2019 13:21

    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

  • Tom A.
    03/31/2019 01:37

    Maybe when in a foriegn country you will learn to respect their laws.

  • Mike C.
    03/30/2019 05:32

    Sorry but don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time

  • Marvin L.
    03/29/2019 22:03

    Stay out of North Korea

  • Peyton S.
    03/28/2019 00:10

    Nuke em

  • Mass S.
    03/27/2019 20:32

    American cops do it all the time on camera and everything

  • Roger D.
    03/27/2019 15:59

    America does business with all these countries who are human rights violators, all out of GREED

  • James M.
    03/27/2019 03:30

    The NKs kill 25-30 people a day for BS crimes, they used this guy for propaganda to show donnie how tough they are,

  • Larry G.
    03/27/2019 03:00

    What the hell was he up there for!!!!

  • Kenny S.
    03/26/2019 18:11

    Hope he pays his student loans

  • Dan B.
    03/26/2019 12:03

    Keep supporting sherry law. We will not forget 911.

  • Dan B.
    03/26/2019 12:00

    He was sold out by the dems

  • Dan B.
    03/26/2019 11:57

    You what to blame Trump shame on you. He brought this on him self. Yah I would be mad but I am sure he knew the consequences.

  • Timmothy Z.
    03/24/2019 19:09

    What happened to your so was horrible. But honestly he went to a known enemy and acted like a fool. He and his family must except some blame for that.

  • Thomas M.
    03/24/2019 16:37

    He knew what North Korea was when he went there but still acted the fool.

  • Patty E.
    03/24/2019 14:54

    And now Trump reverses North Korea sanctions.

  • Melanie S.
    03/24/2019 00:46

    I’m so sorry for your pain. May God bless your family.

  • Luis G.
    03/23/2019 22:35

    Who would want to travel to NC, Irak, Cuba, Venezuela, etc, etc.? Only crazy people

  • Jon S.
    03/23/2019 20:28

    Such a sad sad story

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