What is antifa?

They have no leader, no structure, and no official membership, and yet Donald Trump wants to designate them as a terrorist group. What is antifa?

06/05/2020 12:55 PM


  • Joe B.
    07/29/2020 16:06

    Trump 2020

  • Janet W.
    07/25/2020 22:35

    drumpf is a fascist

  • Steve L.
    07/19/2020 06:47

    Antifa is a terrorist group

  • Sandy C.
    07/16/2020 07:32

    What is wrong with these people?? Where there are people living there will always be racist you must rise above it people..... coming down to their level you will never ever feel free...... the mere Act of rising above it produces self-esteem....

  • Maximilian K.
    07/16/2020 06:18

    Trump and his voters on „Antifa“ is nothing but distracting from the actual - and far bigger - problem: Fascism.

  • Roger M.
    07/16/2020 01:53


  • Richard L.
    07/15/2020 23:47


  • Jim M.
    07/15/2020 15:18

    Just a big fat orange liar!

  • Barbara C.
    07/15/2020 04:44

    Vote Blue America

  • Maximiliano D.
    07/14/2020 16:42

    Black KKK

  • Colleen A.
    07/12/2020 22:57

    Nothing but a group of unemployed idiots.. Period.

  • Donna M.
    07/12/2020 19:53

    But the KKK is not TERRORISTS??? Or criminals???

  • Jeni B.
    07/12/2020 11:07

    Antifa aka National Socialist Brown Shirts. Same tactics same behavior. The Communists have them too, and as soon as they win, these "Antifa" are lined up against the wall and shot as casually as a Soviet soldier peels a potato.

  • James C.
    07/11/2020 01:25

    It means Anti fascist, like every single American should be. Anyone here think that it’s bad to punch nazi scumbags in the face? What about the silent generation? Do they all get labeled terrorists for killing nazis during WWII? Or is it because ANTIFA is against them now and calling them what they are?

  • Cindy W.
    07/10/2020 20:00


  • Elaine F.
    07/10/2020 17:59

    What BS!!

  • Ani A.
    07/09/2020 17:59

    More stupid president ever

  • Dorothy D.
    07/09/2020 08:07

    Wait, I’m confused. Isn’t fascism the opposite of democracy, therefore aren’t we all theoretically anti-fascist? How is that only for the far left? Does that mean the far right is proudly fascist? How do they get away with that?

  • Ozy M.
    07/09/2020 07:24

    What about when Muslims live have been attacked..??!!☝️

  • Eddie S.
    07/08/2020 21:52

    This reminds me of the lies leading up to the Iraqi invasion in 2003, "Saddam has nukes" "weapons of mass destruction" "he's got 'em". And now we have trump doing the same except its "antifa".

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