What is Beto O'Rourke's Policy Agenda?

"When are we going to get an actual policy from you instead of just platitudes and nice stories?" That's the question posed to presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke by a student during a recent campaign stop in Pennsylvania. This is what he said.

03/20/2019 6:07 PMupdated: 06/18/2019 6:18 PM
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  • Dennis T.
    03/20/2019 18:13


  • Michelle J.
    03/20/2019 18:17

    He’s just copying Bernie and not using his real name to do it lol

  • Jan L.
    03/20/2019 18:18


  • Joana I.
    03/20/2019 18:44

    It's all promises........Is this man democrat?

  • Marcus S.
    03/20/2019 18:46

    Shut ‘em up Beto... 😂 BETO!!! BETO!!! BETO!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Janella L.
    03/20/2019 19:07

    Let go of your oil contributors Beto

  • Fallon W.
    03/20/2019 19:49

    Beto has been clear all along, idk what that kid is talkibg about

  • Rhonda S.
    03/20/2019 20:16

    Watered down, oil contribution taking republican in my opinion.

  • Filipe A.
    03/20/2019 20:24

    Listen to Beto, he wants to make the public option just as crappy and expensive as your private healthcare insurance. And, yes, everyone likes insurance companies. They are so 'reliable'. Insurance companies don't scam anyone.

  • Khalil N.
    03/20/2019 21:19

    So what i say.....?

  • Ron A.
    03/20/2019 23:11

    STFU you tween. All you college kids are retarded and think you know it all.

  • Nevin S.
    03/20/2019 23:13

    Femminised CUCK- an establishment insider plant in the mould of Trudeau, macron, Obama- all limp lefty CUCKs

  • Ranga P.
    03/20/2019 23:35

    You will get the reality check when the house / senate breaks your heart.

  • Phillip H.
    03/21/2019 00:22

    I prefer Bernie but Beto is still MUCH better than Trump. If the DNC does what it did last term and picks a candidate instead of letting the majority of people in our party pick a candidate, we will lose again.

  • Johnny V.
    03/21/2019 02:12

    He's a Bernie-lite, but unlike Bernie, he did actually spell out some policy ideas. Good answer.

  • Ryan E.
    03/21/2019 03:35

    Fuck this guy and his empty promises.

  • Israel C.
    03/21/2019 04:04

    I guess you weren’t following him not his message when he ran in Texas. Don’t hate the man nor the messenger, it’s unbecoming!

  • Mario M.
    03/21/2019 06:00

    He’s just a wannabe omg get over him... #StillSanders

  • Vera C.
    03/21/2019 06:39

    Name a candidate who has expressed their policies and what are they?

  • Endy L.
    03/21/2019 14:50

    That question was 10000000% surely from a Saint Bernie follower lmfao bernie bros feel so threatened It shows hahahaha