What is Misophonia?

Slurp. Tap. Crunch. *Cringe.* Do sounds like these drive you nuts? You may have misophonia — a condition that makes certain noises unbearable.

Noises Driving You Mad?

Irritating? Maddening? You may have misophonia. Misophonia — also known as the “hatred of sounds,” usually begins around the age of 13. It worsens over time, often growing to include more triggering sounds. Only recognized as a condition since 2000, misophonia is not officially listed as a diagnosis in medical manuals, yet it may affect as much as 20% of the population. Many doctors have never heard of it, and if patients do mention their symptoms, they are sometimes diagnosed with a mood disorder.

While the underlying causes are, for now, unknown, research suggests that misophonia is a brain-based disorder. This really is a brain phenomenon that is misinterpreting normal and loud sounds as pain. With proper management and treatment — including cognitive behavioral therapy, most people can greatly reduce the effects of misophonia in their daily life. It starts in children where the cafeteria is just too loud, and it goes from the cafeteria being too loud, to the kid tapping a pencil in the classroom is too loud, and it goes from that to “I really can't tolerate dinner with everybody,” or “I'm not comfortable watching TV or going to the movies with everybody.” So, these are very normal things, these are things we take for granted that we do,” states interviewee Dr. Sujana Chandrasekhar, MD ENT-otolaryngologist.

It is a perception of what most would consider normal sounds as either, just terribly irritating, or in fact so extreme, that they cause anxiety and frustration, and anger because they're almost hurtful in nature. What happens is that when the complaint is discounted, the anxiety related to it becomes more excessive. It's a real problem for so many. That is then made more excessive, because even though the person is trying to seek help, nothing is actively broken that anyone can see.


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    Hello to anyone who I manage to reach through this comment section. I am here today to tell all of you that I have had this disorder my whole life, and that it is not only a real thing, and the cause off immense suffering for many people, but also that it is completely possible to recover from it, as I am one of the people who has. If you are someone who suffers from this horrible disorder, please let me know. I will drop a link to my free support group in which I have laid out the entire recovery process, and everything you need to know about how I did what I did. It's all in the group, and I can help you and all the other members with all of it. This doesn't have to ruin your life anymore. There is a solution, it is right under your nose, all you have to do is take it. I'm here for you now, you don't have to fight this thing alone anymore.

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    Wow is there a name for that? 😆 For me, I get this with slurping sounds urghhh 😫 Once I read that in Japan is normal to slurp soups when eating, because it shows appreciation for the food they're eating. In Italy it's considered rude. Maybe in these things culture plays a role too? Like, there would be less people with misophonia related to this particular sound in Japan, while in Italy there could be more people

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    My head hurt when i heard some noise really hurt me.. When that happen i run , run from everything everyone.. Run until my energy is run out.. Someone say i'm crazy , yes im crazy when it come to that..

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    My daughter always complain of noise while having dinner. Now I know and I shall be more understanding. Thank you.

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