What is opposition research

The Trump team has said that Donald Trump Jr meeting with a Russian lawyer was "opposition research." So what exactly is *opposition research*?

07/14/2017 7:00 PM
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  • Steve N.
    07/14/2017 19:07

    The revelations regarding the Trump administration’s attempts to collude with Russia in the successful destruction of the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton have created an indelible stain on the White House that could take years to sweep away. And it’s all because an arrogant, unelected, basically unemployed, intellectually-challenged son of a president who lost the popular vote by over 3 million votes, has been successfully recruited by two official or unofficial Russian government intelligence operatives, one of whom is very likely NOT a lobbyist, but a counter intel, covert agent of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation or SVR RFKGB, who reports directly to Donald Trump’s new BF, President Putin, a former spy, professional liar, homicidal maniac, and international pariah. At the very least, FBI Director Robert Mueller is now looking at not only quid pro quo collusion of Trump & Company with a foreign adversary, but conspiracy to break American Federal Tax law and to launder millions, perhaps billions, of ill-gained profits produced while working with Russian oligarchs. I’ve always said, on the record, that in the end, it will most likely be the Trump family violations of RICO racketeering and corruption statutes that will bring down the immoral, illegal, un-American, and possibly treasonous activities of both the Trump family and the Trump administration. Only when the guilty are either jailed and/or impeached can the toxic cloud that has poisoned the White House finally be lifted.

  • Ian M.
    07/14/2017 19:26

    But pussy america won't do a thing... you made your bed america... now sleep in it as the world rolls it's eyes and laughs at u..... Ireland :)

  • Sofia A.
    07/14/2017 19:31

    It's called Treason, you spoiled, over privileged, POS!

  • Gavin T.
    07/14/2017 19:40

    This administration and the phrasing they make up is just a giant joke now. "Alternative facts" "opposition research" . Are people honestly still taking this whole thing as anything greater than a joke at this point? 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Lila B.
    07/14/2017 20:09

    It means a liar

  • Leland H.
    07/14/2017 20:10

    Thjis real life display of genetic determination is hardly a surprise.

  • Terri P.
    07/14/2017 20:12

    Another cover up

  • Kyle B.
    07/14/2017 20:28

    So it's ok if Hillary cheats to get the DNC primary and to talk to the Ukraine about trump but they can't talk to people because treason yeah makes sense

  • Rob M.
    07/14/2017 20:32 US ukraine meddled in our elections. Russia knows that the US deep state has the power in the US and the media, so it doesn't care who "wins".

  • Píter T.
    07/14/2017 20:33

    I smell Kellyanne garbage language here.

  • Dennis W.
    07/14/2017 20:43

    And if he had met with a Jewish Lawyer, would it have been Israel influencing the election?... No doubt an Irish Lawyer would have been the IRA and etc

  • Elizabeth P.
    07/14/2017 20:58

    I hope this little jackass will be prosecuted.

  • Josh A.
    07/14/2017 21:06

    Did you not read the emails or the background? Wasn't it a bust for them. Like sure they were russian but they weren't the Russian government, just lobbyists that tried to get their own bills worked on. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Brandon M.
    07/14/2017 21:38

    Honestly if the dnc and Hillary didn't collude to undermine democracy and rig the primaries then it wouldn't have been possible for Russia to "leak" anything. People stop being mad and thinking Russia rigged our elections by telling us that Hillary rigged the primary elections.

  • Jacob S.
    07/14/2017 21:38

    Trump family has always lied, duh

  • Michael C.
    07/14/2017 21:56

    And all the higher ups keep laughing all the way to the bank saying "look at these folks squabble over this instead of proactively fixing problems.''

  • Joseph U.
    07/14/2017 22:01

    Get some coffee is later then you think stupid.

  • Humberto G.
    07/14/2017 22:24

    Sound like the whole Alternative Facts crap

  • Trent S.
    07/14/2017 22:54

    So did jr. get dirt of hillary?

  • Jose J.
    07/14/2017 23:05

    I hope climate change takes its core humanity has failed we must start all over again