• Walt P.
    04/01/2022 00:36

    .......cult of idiots

  • Amber P.
    03/17/2022 02:15

    Crazy Discraceful Cult Members. You Are Traitors To Our Country You are Not AMERICANS. Stop This Insanity!!

  • Alison W.
    02/22/2022 14:19

    Willful ignorance is a helluva drug I hear 💊 💉

  • Ozy M.
    02/22/2022 07:13


  • Mel O.
    02/22/2022 05:47

    flyn and the crazies are discovered.

  • Lorna J.
    02/22/2022 03:33

    Q is sitting in his mums basement, smoking dope and coming up with these insane ideas just to prove how stupid a person can be.

  • Randall F.
    02/22/2022 02:55

    And still the dysfunctional are allowed to freely walk among the relational!

  • Kate G.
    02/22/2022 02:51

    Fascinating .. an example of Mob Mentality Brainwashing that succeeded because of the v clever marketing .. it would be the Best Brilliant Practical Joke Ever if it hadn't turned out to be so dangerous .. as are all things when the gullible fall for them & blindly, without questioning, follow to their Doom . 🤔⛪🇦🇺💙🇺🇸

  • Patrick P.
    02/21/2022 23:33

    You are lunatics 🤣🤣🤣 it's a fact.

  • Erik R.
    02/21/2022 22:44

    Where we go one, we go all, is litteraly what sheep do.

  • Josh H.
    02/21/2022 22:32

    So a video of someone saying they aren’t “Q” and clearing their throat proves they are? Did I miss something? Pretty detailed laying it all out and the last 30 seconds of the 6 min video talks about who “Q” is? Ok! 🤦‍♂️

  • Lina P.
    02/21/2022 21:34

    Q is a lunatic sick person, Ok

  • Gordy W.
    02/21/2022 21:25

    What a bunch of wackos

  • Karen J.
    02/21/2022 20:07

    I needed a laugh today.

  • Eric H.
    02/21/2022 19:57

    What these conspiracy theorists have been instructed to hate as the Deep State actually amounts to the people in our government who keep it running, who keep the democracy functioning. The goal of Q and its operatives is to cede the public sector which guards the public's interests to the powerful groups who seek to manipulate it for their narrow interests and profit, to insulate themselves from such public goods as the right not to be poisoned by products or byproducts of industry, the right to vote, the right to own property which powerful interests seek to narrow, and the basic rights in our Bill of Rights, which these narrow groups would prefer to reserve to themselves.

  • Michael G.
    02/21/2022 19:54

    Inside Job - Netflix.

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