• Judy S.
    07/10/2017 18:17


  • Deborah H.
    07/10/2017 18:21


  • Michele B.
    07/10/2017 18:21

    So from that, the takeaway on what she does is still left unanswered.

  • Ana R.
    07/10/2017 18:24

    Facebook really needs to come up with a disgusted emoji for stories like this and all things Trump

  • Pamela B.
    07/10/2017 18:27

    So I am NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER AT ALL, with that being said, maybe he could just golf the rest of his term and let her sit in instead?! I mean she seems to have half a brain larger than him, triple of pence. Fuck it, what do we have to lose at this point?! #MyDogCouldBeABetterPresident

  • Jerome G.
    07/10/2017 19:00

    Idgaf what she does, she is not an elected official. This is pure nepotism. Which is a step towards authoritarianism. nep·o·tism noun the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

  • Coby S.
    07/10/2017 19:01

    Why Why was she allowed to sit in Why was he not there Why is she in the white house

  • Dawn B.
    07/10/2017 19:09

    Poor excuse and that's our tax payer dollars they're talking about

  • Shahid J.
    07/10/2017 19:23

    Ivanka Trump Pays Sweatshop Workers Near Minimum Wage for 57-Hour Workweeks http://www.rawstory.com/2017/04/busted-ivanka-trump-pays-sweatshop-workers-near-minimum-wage-for-57-hour-workweeks/

  • Shahid J.
    07/10/2017 19:23

    Workers Complain of Low Wages and Abuse at Ivanka Trump Factory http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2017/06/13/525170/-Workers-abused-at-Ivanka-Trump-factory-

  • Antonio A.
    07/10/2017 19:35

    I don't get it!!! Why doesn't his wife or daughters ever tell him anything. If he really loves them he would take-in their criticism and respect their perceptive.

  • Arild W.
    07/10/2017 19:57

    She are ther so many want to be. They dont. She do it, good.😊🤔

  • Elizabeth P.
    07/10/2017 20:02

    Sick of this flusie being on the news ! She is a handbag designer not a force for good. She is a force for money. Like all Trumps. My God, this country is so stupid !

  • Fateh A.
    07/10/2017 20:02

    Go Ivanka, you're awesome 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  • Tammie S.
    07/10/2017 20:05

    She lies just like daddy does.

  • Joshua P.
    07/10/2017 20:28

    Lol this video is a joke

  • Bentley T.
    07/10/2017 20:32

    The whole family is a joke unfortunately a dangerous joke for USA

  • Carla S.
    07/10/2017 20:49

    she does not believe she is a politician so why is she there....decorations i suppose

  • Nicholas B.
    07/10/2017 20:59

    Women in this administration make less than any other administration. Empowerment isn't her strong suit.

  • Erin W.
    07/10/2017 21:04

    She can do all the good things she wants, she shouldn't be sitting in for the leader of this country.