• Liz L.
    11/17/2020 19:07

    Who even cares...

  • Venkataraman S.
    11/15/2020 12:30

    They know only party motels bars beach r they know there relatives cousins

  • Venkataraman S.
    11/15/2020 12:29

    American election anti people fraud illigal undemocratic not ruled by people as constitution guarantees

  • Venkataraman S.
    11/15/2020 12:27

    Still Americans think they r electing leaders fooooooools they get there demands no they get just party enjoyment Obama told Biden told to clear 2 trillion yes heard it right student debt which should be free it's basic rights

  • Jacob B.
    11/11/2020 13:10

    Stupidest system the reason for all this confusion

  • Marcus A.
    11/07/2020 12:59

    dumb and dumrerer...

  • Nicola R.
    11/06/2020 19:34

    Yes, the Electoral College vote will win over the popular vote. It is extremely difficult to understand why it still exists. The voice of the people should matter more than the elite! Just a wee something to leave you with and I am sending you all my best wished from across the Atlantic, Ireland. Please keep safe and take care.

  • Thomas R.
    11/06/2020 01:56

    What is the point in people like me voting then

  • Jalil B.
    11/04/2020 18:58

    Unfortunate to see twice almost 3 million more votes the candidate Clinton and Biden have and lose the election.

  • Emma Y.
    11/04/2020 11:13

    Well that’s stupid

  • Laura L.
    11/04/2020 07:51


  • Jonathan C.
    11/04/2020 07:49

    Our votes don’t even matter we need a new better system

  • Liberato B.
    11/04/2020 07:23

    So doesn't matter the popular vote, who choose, in fact, is the electoral college?

  • Peter R.
    11/04/2020 04:46

    The Electoral College is also charged with the duty to block any candidate that is not capable to be the President. They failed in 2016. Will they fail again in 2020?

  • Yolanda Q.
    11/04/2020 04:46

    Excellent piece.

  • Sanukaji D.
    11/04/2020 03:31

    Key four states will decide the final result

  • LA M.
    11/04/2020 01:43

    mechanism to award republicans whitehouse when the lose the popular vote. democrats won 6 of last 7 elections popular vote.

  • Ezra A.
    11/04/2020 01:33

    got it

  • Juan O.
    11/04/2020 00:40

    this y i dont vote

  • Elizabeth T.
    11/03/2020 23:40

    This is such a lie. The electoral college was designed to ensure that the voices of all constituent states throughout the nation were heard. Without the electoral college, presidential candidates could literally pander to the coastal states and win while completely ignoring the voters in the rest of the country. The electoral college ensures that every state holds power, has a voice, and plays a critical role on the election of our president.

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