What these justices said about Roe v. Wade at their the confirmation hearings

Brett Kavanaugh in 2018: "I understand the importance of the precedent set forth in Roe v. Wade." Kavanaugh in 2022: *set to overturn Roe v. Wade*

05/05/2022 5:42 PMupdated: 05/05/2022 5:45 PM


  • Jerry J.
    05/09/2022 12:28

    Kavanaugh is a disgrace coming out of colorado. And the last one is not even close enough to experience to be there. She was bought and paid for to get that position. U can just look at her and tell shes lost and has no clue.

  • Jerry J.
    05/09/2022 12:22

    They all lied. They should be removed.

  • Ozy M.
    05/08/2022 08:38

    There are too many children of out of wedlocked marriages...👎

  • Charles F.
    05/07/2022 03:23

    Liars Under oath

  • Wendy N.
    05/06/2022 10:30

    He is gross

  • Connie M.
    05/06/2022 10:15

    liars on the bench

  • Sander d.
    05/06/2022 08:45

    How did you all not see this coming if you take the context of how they got promoted to this position into consideration is what amazes me most tbh.

  • Jean W.
    05/06/2022 07:46

    Sycophants and liars.

  • Sharon A.
    05/06/2022 01:31

    Disgusting old men! You are going backwards in time and taking your country with you. What century are you in? Shame on you ....and more!

  • Rosemary M.
    05/06/2022 01:20

    Can you believe their words to get on the court

  • Debbie L.
    05/05/2022 21:33

    Lies lies lies

  • Jason S.
    05/05/2022 21:31

cashing in your honor and integrity is a right of passage in the GQP nowadays.

  • Nana C.
    05/05/2022 20:18

    Impeach them and VOTE BLUE, or an entire generation will have to live under their rulings.

  • David B.
    05/05/2022 19:22

    Liars for sure.

  • Marisol D.
    05/05/2022 18:50

    They lied to the system, now what the system going to do to fix it?? They suppose to be endited , lies to something so serious, about questions to know if they were compromised with justice, they lied, now they should be treated like criminals..

  • Judy L.
    05/05/2022 18:32


  • Madelyn G.
    05/05/2022 18:01


  • Ed D.
    05/05/2022 17:56

    He lied, lies, will lie......

  • Bong d.
    05/05/2022 17:54


  • Bill K.
    05/05/2022 17:53

    The Fall Roe will fall but so will the SCOTUS, the highest court in the land, due to its complicity in sedition and treason. The SCOTUS now has, like most of government, no credibility.

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