• Paul H.
    09/19/2020 13:47

    SORRY but no My money is on Trump 2020 SORRY for poor old Joe Biden

  • Linda M.
    09/17/2020 00:42

    Biden sounds sincere, 45, sounds like a damp cloth, giving a handshake!!imo

  • Carolyn E.
    09/16/2020 20:48

    Donald Trump is not going to do anything unless it benefits him

  • Art R.
    09/16/2020 20:44

    Y se llevó en Instagram down payment for nobody is people

  • Art R.
    09/16/2020 19:06

    Vote for blue

  • Art R.
    09/16/2020 19:06

    Like they say you can't do the job the first time you cannot do it the second time

  • Art R.
    09/16/2020 19:02

    Donald Trump is a crook a devil he's no good he lied to us he paid China to do this s***

  • Art R.
    09/16/2020 18:58

    That's all Donald Trump knows you don't work with him he's fire you

  • Christine G.
    09/16/2020 18:45

    Over 200,465 people have died in the US, with heard immunity up to 6 million may die. The survivors who have diverse affects will probably need long term health care.

  • Shirley B.
    09/16/2020 13:39

    Teumpet doesn't support units and you know it's unions that protect workers it's unions that fight for your raises he has a problem he doesn't pay people once they do the work doesn't pay them so many people that I worked with Donald Trump's have lost their businesses he's a crook the people that work at Trump Hotel in Las Vegas make less than any other workers he pays them $13 an hour and if they threaten to strike he will fire them cuz he doesn't want a union so do you believe this man is for the workers don't be duped by a con man

  • Markku M.
    09/16/2020 13:20

    200,280 Covin-19 deaths in the U.S. to date. This is the only thing Trump has been able to do Only Putin's Russian KIM North Korea and the Chinese leadership are happy about this. Russia's Putin is involved in the Trump campaign because his poster flies Russian military fighter jets. Putin's fighter planes are already Flying in the US sky with TRUMP posters https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/

  • Marlene H.
    09/16/2020 12:47


  • Grant C.
    09/16/2020 12:14

    I'm a great supporter of TRUMP and think people who don't support him have a problem. In his term in office I have had more laughs, I mean real belly laughs, than all through the 4 previous Presidents. His STUPIDITY is flawless as is his timing. Who else would want to cot medical aid in middle of a pandemic and his choice of assistants that he mercilessly throws under the bus must be the funniest thing since, um Red Skelton on stage. Please Donny Boy keep it up the world is laughing. At you not with you!

  • Rich R.
    09/16/2020 11:18


  • Victoria S.
    09/16/2020 11:16

    Trump is all about the big companies and not the American worker! Remember he and his family run big business and want to make more money! He will not protect the workers

  • Mark R.
    09/16/2020 10:54

    Trumpet's been a Democrat, a republican and an independent. He doesn't actually have a policy or belief, except for money and ego.

  • Michael F.
    09/16/2020 10:53

    It's the same all over the world you get a dollar pay rise and then petrol and bills and groceries go up the government's all over the world don't give you a chance to get ahead crooked governments all over the world but they seem to be living the life I knew I should have stayed in school and got some deployments and degree,s then I too could have been a crooked politition too

  • David N.
    09/16/2020 10:29

    Trump’s incompetence has killed more Americans than both ISIS and Al-Qaeda combined. 🤔☹️😞

  • David N.
    09/16/2020 10:29

    I’d rather be an AMERICAN than a Trump supporter! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • David N.
    09/16/2020 10:29

    Trump relies on the idiocy of his supporters. He’s yet to be disappointed 😞