Whistleblower alleges mass hysterectomies at ICE detention center

Mass hysterectomies performed on immigrant women without their consent. That's what's happening in a Georgia ICE detention center, according to a whistleblower nurse's complaint...

09/17/2020 12:25 PM


  • Kate C.
    03/24/2021 12:59

    We can argue all day long against this but we ALL know forced sterilization is as American as apple pie 🥧... We pretend to be religious, fair and equal but anyone with an ounce of knowledge of this country's HISTORY towards the "lower caste" knows it's One Big Lie‼️ A gotdam "uterus collector" altering immigrant women's anatomy without their consent... How barbaric is that?

  • Ongo S.
    03/24/2021 10:53

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  • Woonyam T.
    03/24/2021 09:54

    Hypocrisy of USA

  • Abby T.
    03/24/2021 08:32

    No matter what people say still prefer the Antifah types. For it is clear that they destroy property but the right wing fascists destroy people whom look different from them. They want everyone of a different race to disappear from America even if this land was stolen from Native Americans. Let the record reflect. I know now that their cultural Marxism b*llsh*t is a complete lie. Now I know they are destined to fail 🤣. If they can do this to another, it means that it can happen to them, too. It is only a matter of time. ☺️ But I have seen so many examples of racism and its high cost.

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