White House Pay Gap

Ivanka Trump said her father will fight for equal pay for women.. But the White House didn't practice what it preached as its gender pay gap reached a historic high! 😳

07/06/2017 7:40 PM
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  • Ralph L.
    07/06/2017 20:09

    No one elected Donald's kids 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Cory D.
    07/06/2017 20:34

    gender pay gap is BS

  • Christopher L.
    07/06/2017 20:47

    Ivanka works for free at the WH, the same "news" source would butcher her if she was paid accordingly to correct this "gap." It's a catch 22, no news here.

  • Ralph J.
    07/06/2017 20:53

    morons are still trotting out these manipulated calculations? two things--1) it's bullcrap, and 2) even if it were true, it's none of the government's freaking business.

  • Dee S.
    07/06/2017 20:55

    Funny how the wage gap decreased under Obama and almost immediately rises under Trump.

  • Pablo R.
    07/06/2017 20:56

    Ivanka the space cadet knows nothing of humanity.

  • Dustin R.
    07/06/2017 20:56

    Equal work... You seemed to forget that aspect of her speech.

  • Adav Z.
    07/06/2017 21:00

    Hahahaha gender pay gap! Wow. I made more than my wife last year ..... we had a baby ....she took time off for our daughter..... took her to doctor appointments.... she takes time off here and there because she's tired of the midnight feedings(she feeds her momas milk) so I wonder why I make more than her. Im pretty sure it's because the penis I carry around 0_o (no logic)

  • Malik S.
    07/06/2017 21:11

    Ivanka is the little girl that distracts you while her father picks your pockets. Don't let her fool you. She's as big of a con artist as her father.

  • J P.
    07/06/2017 21:14

    Wow I am way below for a blue collar since I only make 33,000 per year and I work with a t- shirt not a fancy tie on.

  • Julio C.
    07/06/2017 21:17

    Who? What? Really?

  • Temam A.
    07/06/2017 21:17

    Ask Obama about it

  • Angie S.
    07/06/2017 21:22


  • Dane Q.
    07/06/2017 21:27

    I find it hard to feel bad for someone who is making 72,000 a year

  • Michael M.
    07/06/2017 21:29

    Why don't these statistics ever account for the difference in the gender pay gap depending on nationality?

  • Okwy F.
    07/06/2017 21:32

    Equal what? until they start playing 5 sets in a grand slam will I believe that.

  • Roger B.
    07/06/2017 21:52

    And so what does that mean? How many work there and in what capacity. Are they new? Hold overs from Obama? And who do these staffers work for. How many work for the Dems and how many for the Repubs.....Who hired them and who set their wages? You meaningless internet click bait does not work on us anymore. Not worth the space on a flash drive it took you to create it. Not without facts, not without figures, not without all the answers to all the questions. WTF do you think you are CNN or something?

  • Belford J.
    07/06/2017 21:56

    Im gonna play 👹 advocate. Despite women having equal pay as men. What about the fact that it is still the men that need those high-paying jobs to take care of there families! !!!!

  • Edwin L.
    07/06/2017 21:57

    Well, you believed him so.......

  • Jack J.
    07/06/2017 21:58

    Did that say 37%