Who is Hope Hicks?

"I said, 'what do you know about politics?' She said, 'absolutely nothing.'" — Donald Trump Meet one of the president's closest advisers. This is Hope Hicks.

10/09/2020 7:59 PM


  • Jimm Y.
    01/30/2021 23:49

    Uncle Donnie loves blondes but She's the exception... 😍

  • Sakeena S.
    01/26/2021 09:45

    is she not his mistress?

  • Diana S.
    01/23/2021 17:17

    Ahhhh ol sleepy Joe Biden ... thx Joe

  • Sylvia M.
    01/21/2021 18:46


  • Mark C.
    01/21/2021 02:59

    His next wife, has he grabbed her by the ......

  • Ted A.
    01/20/2021 10:09

    Now she's tested positive after boarding off air force 1 🙄😏😁

  • Mike C.
    01/19/2021 15:58

    Wow all you trolls just drooling over anything trump lol pathetic

  • Mike C.
    01/19/2021 15:57

    Shouldn’t they phrase it “the failed Russian hoax”

  • Barbara L.
    01/18/2021 15:42


  • Doug J.
    01/17/2021 22:34

    The next Mrs. Trump

  • West G.
    01/17/2021 18:53

    Did he have sex with her?

  • Elvis S.
    01/17/2021 08:54

    🤦🤦🤦now we understand....

  • Greg G.
    01/17/2021 04:01

    Who cares!!!

  • Kuristeen T.
    01/16/2021 23:12

    Awwh Melania. No wonder you so Angry. Little Ms Hope taking your place...

  • Reme C.
    01/16/2021 02:17

    Is she’s Melania double? Hmmmm

  • Frans H.
    01/14/2021 05:27

    Did he "grab her by the puzzy"...seems to be his only motto....👻 You have never seen a bigger morron in the history of mankind....he is the best idiot ever....he Will be leaving by the idiot wind....soon...👮🏾🙋‍♂️👮🏾

  • Hilary M.
    01/10/2021 21:04

    Shy ! I think not!

  • Kim S.
    12/14/2020 00:17

    Hope Hicks Father needs to contact me. This has been 3 years of pure torture and TERRIOSM. My children's lives have been threatned. My life has been threatned many many times over the course of the past 3 years. I will go to every news outlet available to me! The world is not safe with witch Terriosts in it. I am not safe. My children are not safe. Contact me.

  • Ervin S.
    12/12/2020 06:20

    He asked her what do you know about politics she said “nothing “ he said welcome come on in I don’t know anything either.

  • Melinda Y.
    12/09/2020 07:10


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