• Jane C.
    04/26/2017 04:23

    He is a babe.

  • Jordan A.
    04/23/2017 12:22


  • Yesenia S.
    04/22/2017 01:38

    dude has potential u__u

  • Ethan S.
    04/21/2017 01:36

    Come on next president

  • Katy D.
    04/20/2017 16:41

    I hope they don't end up killing him.

  • Rashim K.
    04/20/2017 05:01

    So i guess whoever was mad at this obama care didnt have a job or worked somewhere minimum wage that didnt offer health benefits ..because one thing is for sure if you didnt have a health plan thats the only way you where penalized...basically you where forced to insure you are taken care of if you got sick or hurt...sheesh what a major disruption to complain about smfh!

  • Carmela N.
    04/20/2017 02:19

    Paula Missi Giddings

  • Brandy B.
    04/20/2017 02:02

  • Keryl K.
    04/20/2017 01:38

    this is how my future husband needs to look

  • Nate R.
    04/18/2017 18:17

    I like him. Let's just hope they don't give him a ride in Dallas.

  • Tasha H.
    04/18/2017 11:37

    Wow he's good. Now there's a man you can understand. No stuttering there just old plan and simple English 😊👍🏻

  • Daniel F.
    04/18/2017 01:02

    Oh you using common sense there is a no-no what are you talking about the president of United States he don't make sense he don't know what he's doing he's making chaos in the world this president is really crazy be on your best behavior with him he's really retarded

  • Francisco L.
    04/17/2017 20:13

    I'm sure we will see him run for office eventually he has to be old enough

  • Maria P.
    04/17/2017 14:09

    Love him

  • Sarah M.
    04/17/2017 13:13

    Dude looks like a ginger Clark Kent.

  • Brad G.
    04/17/2017 10:01

    I'd rather not pay a penalty for Healthcare I don't need. Thanks

  • Johnathan C.
    04/17/2017 08:12

    Nae Jay

  • Paulette M.
    04/17/2017 07:37

    No more dynasties.

  • Victoria G.
    04/17/2017 07:22

    my dream ginger

  • Kathy M.
    04/17/2017 07:04


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