• Rob K.
    05/09/2017 18:54

    It is absolutely right to stand up for the constitution, no matter what position of government you are in, if something is going against it, you have a duty to stand up and voice your thoughts. Do not be afraid!

  • Brit L.
    05/09/2017 19:51

    Miss sally yate

  • Tanasha B.
    05/09/2017 20:19

    Soooo...wait...she has the SAME integrity today as she did a few years ago?? ...astonishing! 😑😑

  • Galle-Vas E.
    05/09/2017 21:00

    like a BOSS...

  • Josh S.
    05/09/2017 21:27

    Why isn't she President?

  • Danielle C.
    05/09/2017 21:27

    Sally Yates 2020 ✌️

  • Blain E.
    05/09/2017 21:32

    Think we found our next Democrat Presidential Nominee ✊️

  • Patrick M.
    05/09/2017 21:33

    What is her stance on the blackmailing of Killary by the Russians?

  • Richard F.
    05/09/2017 23:14

    the president is not a king and emperor or a god, if the president does something unlawful towards the constitution, absolutely anyone and everyone should say No. Especially the Judicial branch. The entire reason we have checks and balances and a 3 branch system.

  • Sahil B.
    05/09/2017 23:20

    She was appointed by Bush, and Obama kept her around.

  • Wendy M.
    05/09/2017 23:45


  • Alex M.
    05/10/2017 00:32

    Get dunked on Teddy.

  • Mishelle L.
    05/10/2017 01:28

    She's right on follow the constitution first. The trump administration it's so wrong.

  • Erin R.
    05/10/2017 02:00

    You guys got some horrible music background to this

  • Sunaina M.
    05/10/2017 02:28

    So long as she followed trump, she's good. But the second she questioned trump (or would've blindly followed Obama), she's in violation? Bs. Just an ego trip for trump.

  • Dane E.
    05/10/2017 03:20

    But she didn't say anything about Obamas Travel Ban...lol the hypocrisy of all of this

  • Brant C.
    05/10/2017 03:32


  • Jose B.
    05/10/2017 08:14

    All I know it's that when somebody doesn't belong in the "circle of trust" that person will get removed so that everything won't be questioned and the benefit factor will be play on its maximum level

  • Tia B.
    05/10/2017 09:27

    She did what she was hired to do and now their pissed!!!! All of us make comments, but we don't do anything besides talk. People don't realize basically any one person or family that makes under $250k per year....this and everything that's going on affects you!!!! So instead of talking and just doing nothing what can we do as a whole!!! There is more of us than it is of them!!!

  • Cynthia S.
    05/10/2017 12:36

    Is it just me, or is there a look in Sean spicers eyes that says "I can't even believe I'm saying this shit". Maybe he just lacks in integrity and a moral compass and having a job and money means more to him than his dignity and the well being of the American people. 🤔