• Pedro V.
    05/14/2017 09:07

    We have to l love this lady

  • Adam M.
    05/14/2017 03:35

    Every country hates america but they all want to come here and live

  • Stella C.
    05/13/2017 12:40


  • Nosa O.
    05/12/2017 05:42

    Please run for office under the Democratic ticket please!!!! We need more like you.

  • Amp M.
    05/12/2017 04:40

    Yes Sally.On point!

  • Joycelyn H.
    05/12/2017 04:21

    Sally Yates, OMG , make all of em look small. (SMALL HANDS)

  • Bobby B.
    05/12/2017 00:51

    Love that lady

  • Deborah J.
    05/12/2017 00:26

    Get em Sally. Yu know your stuff. Shut his pompous behind down

  • Alex W.
    05/10/2017 18:00

    INA does not override the Constitution

  • Manny N.
    05/10/2017 16:33

    Law enforcing officials fired, for doing their job and not what thy are told, journalist jailed for asking questions, discrimination aginst ethnic groups and religion, citizens deprived of their basic hard earn benefits, military and weapons of mass destruction build up, etc, etc, all the DNA of Hitler, Putin, and other dictators early stages

  • Nathan A.
    05/10/2017 15:52

    Man she's making these guys look like fucking idiot's lol

  • Martin M.
    05/10/2017 14:30

    Who is she?... she is our next President

  • Timmy S.
    05/10/2017 14:18

    The constistution protects citizens of this country not others

  • Nilorb I.
    05/10/2017 14:14

    Im in love

  • Mags C.
    05/10/2017 13:55

    The only honest person I've seen in a while. Good job!

  • Bonnie P.
    05/10/2017 13:29

    She isn't what she claims to be.

  • Joseph D.
    05/10/2017 13:26

    But anyone who disagrees with this president eventually gets fired of it in his power to do so. Any one with an ounce of integrity and a shred of independent thought that is.

  • Aminah S.
    05/10/2017 12:47

    Isn't she "Presidential"? I will vote for her.

  • Cynthia S.
    05/10/2017 12:36

    Is it just me, or is there a look in Sean spicers eyes that says "I can't even believe I'm saying this shit". Maybe he just lacks in integrity and a moral compass and having a job and money means more to him than his dignity and the well being of the American people. 🤔

  • Tia B.
    05/10/2017 09:27

    She did what she was hired to do and now their pissed!!!! All of us make comments, but we don't do anything besides talk. People don't realize basically any one person or family that makes under $250k per year....this and everything that's going on affects you!!!! So instead of talking and just doing nothing what can we do as a whole!!! There is more of us than it is of them!!!

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