Who were the heroes of Confederate monuments?

Confederate monuments are being torn down in the South. But do you really know the heroes of these Confederate monuments?

05/17/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Brut
    05/17/2017 08:38

    ICYMI: New Orleans removed a 3rd monument during the night

  • Siul Z.
    05/17/2017 12:21

    Leave them racist monuments up, they can worship their losers

  • Tracy A.
    05/17/2017 12:24


  • Gregory M.
    05/17/2017 12:59

    Why do you want to destroy history

  • Adam M.
    05/17/2017 13:22

    Don't destroy them just take them down and put them in a museum.

  • Gunnar M.
    05/17/2017 14:03

    While we're at it, can we remove the conferate monument serving as Attorney General?

  • Sio S.
    05/17/2017 14:17

    Are we gonna ignore the sister at the end of the video... like... Bitch they owned yo ass back in the day & you just finna be over there promoting the same niggas that want y'all asses to be slaves again. Girl bye. Lmao

  • Amanda N.
    05/17/2017 14:21

    A lot of these people voted for Trump and constantly tell everyone else, "We won, get over it." Well....The South LOST, get over it. Put your statues in a museum, so we can teach future generations how not to be. No one is forgetting. Remembering is key to not repeating.

  • Will B.
    05/17/2017 14:27

    Funny thing is the monuments are being relocated.

  • Bob F.
    05/17/2017 14:28

    Abraham Lincoln had slaves this is bullshit it was a huge turning point and not our brightest time but Robert e lee only fought for the south out of loyalty for his home in Virginia, had no slaves you stupid race baiting sissies that have nothing else to hide behind need to get your shit straight at least

  • Nikos H.
    05/17/2017 14:30

    I swear y'all will cry about anything nowadays. Next they're going to blow up Mt. Rushmore cause it's racist?! Man gtfoh let the monuments be.

  • Aerych R.
    05/17/2017 14:31

    Hahaha! I'm sure if there were a statue of Richard III being torn down, none of these cousin fuckers would breathe a word.

  • Pathum M.
    05/17/2017 14:34


  • ZoeAnn V.
    05/17/2017 14:38

    "The Confederates are apart of America's history" No. The Confederates were not Americans. They successfully succeeded from the Union and became their own country. We don't fly flags from other countries we've defeated, so why fly a flag from a failed country? The Civil War is a reminder, we should put these monuments in a museum, not proudly display them. (Before you say anything, I'm from Tennessee, a previously confederate state)

  • Nick M.
    05/17/2017 14:40

    Robert E. Lee was famously in favor of ending slavery, or at least the expansion of it. That's why he was originally a Union general before his home "country" of Virginia seceded. Jefferson Davis was a fuck. A mob in New Orleans attacked Union police. Wanna know why? The military governor, Benjamin Butler, ordered his soldiers to treat any woman not being respectful to his (invading) army, that she should be considered a "lady of the town" and treated as such. The Union did terrible things in New Orleans, and attacking the oppressors only made sense to them.

  • Ramon P.
    05/17/2017 14:53

    Idiots these statues were placed about 15 years after the civil war ended

  • Justin B.
    05/17/2017 14:55

    Preserve don't destroy it. It's still history good or bad. Not hurting non just a monument to of history.

  • Jeremy J.
    05/17/2017 14:55

    Naw, cus they aint heroes.

  • Sasha E.
    05/17/2017 14:56

    They're being moved to museums or put in storage, not destroyed. Those people were garbage individuals but it's still part of history.

  • Daniel H.
    05/17/2017 15:00

    Idea, put the statues on the other side of trumps proposed wall then tell people thay can have them back but they need to go get them.