Who were the heroes of Confederate monuments?

Confederate monuments are being torn down in the South. But do you really know the heroes of these Confederate monuments?

05/17/2017 12:00 AM


  • Shermaine D.
    05/25/2017 04:19

    Saw them heads off..LMAO at the white nationalist mad..

  • Demi L.
    05/19/2017 05:50

    How do some not understand why confederate monuments are being taken down? Okay so even though they are apart of American history, they represent the complete horror Natives and Africans were subjected to. First off, they were slaves, they were murdered for existing, they were tortured in every way posible not only to become complacent but for enjoyment as well. They were beaten, whipped, sliced, burned, raped. Men women and children all suffered the wrath of slave owners and so called "camps". To keep these monuments is to only romanticize the people and time in history at the peak of an ongoing genocide of black/African American people

  • Athena E.
    05/18/2017 18:27

  • Whitney W.
    05/18/2017 17:02

    Fucking fake ass Americans. How can you fly an enemy battle flag and say your an American. Your a racist or a traitor, period.

  • Carson T.
    05/18/2017 13:35

    I guess we should tear down all elements of Americas history if we're going to do this. I'm not southern by birth, but I live in the south now and think this is bullshit. That's American history and important people that contributed to it, a lot of things changed because of the Civil War. "They should be taken down because they represent bad things", well Auschwitz is still standing because it's historical, and history shouldn't be forgotten. If you're pissed off by American history, then go somewhere else. And I'm highly aware slavery was wrong, but that's not a reason to tear these down.

  • Austen H.
    05/18/2017 05:58

    Having historical items being removed is wrong. If people get so butt hurt about history you need to think about the future more than the past.

  • Mark R.
    05/18/2017 05:53

    Fucking traitors

  • Wendell M.
    05/18/2017 05:26

    pure evil people are tired of that the right thing was done thank you.

  • Miguel R.
    05/18/2017 05:17

    We don't want to take away who you are. We just want your racist asses away from us.

  • Noah C.
    05/18/2017 05:10

    union owned more slaves the the Confederates just saying

  • Jesse R.
    05/18/2017 05:09

    There are two sides to this coin, tbh. I do agree that the monuments should be taken down, because they are commemorating the bad things that the South has done, romanticizing those who owned slaves, and glorifying the horrific things the Confederate States of America has done to not only African-Americans, but other people as well. The Klan even uses their ideals to push their white supremacist agenda. However, what a lot of the people who stand alongside those who are tearing down the monuments don't realize is that the Civil War and the Confederacy will always have its place in history. Yes, destroying the monuments will do some good as far as ending the glorification of the Confederacy and their heinous deeds, and the horrible actions of citizens using their cause as justification, but you can't just act like the Civil War never happened.

  • James J.
    05/18/2017 05:02

    Put that shit in a museum. You don't see statues of Hitler in Germany

  • Bethany P.
    05/18/2017 04:58

    Well I hope they're ready to tear down the Washington monument too... and all of his statues.

  • LiveAction L.
    05/18/2017 04:35

    Look at all the angry rednecks typing away lol

  • Spencer G.
    05/18/2017 04:29

    Or the Italian government and Japan a matter of fact there isn't a lot of countries that alow that type of bullshit

  • Spencer G.
    05/18/2017 04:28

    A bet the nazi asked not to destroy their heritage or take it down

  • Dustin M.
    05/18/2017 04:08

    I do not approve of history being erased! History rhymes when this takes place a lot easier. The history and The Monuments deserve to be placed in a museum with honest accounts of the Civil War and who these people were and their ideology. Whatever your political view or heritage the museum would be open to all. This is something everyone should be able to agree upon.

  • Cristina C.
    05/18/2017 03:58

    Rick Rodriguez

  • Michael C.
    05/18/2017 03:55

    There should be a bidet that runs solely on the white privelege tears of these fuckhead losers. The butt faucet could be Robert E. lee's face? Or Jefferson Davis?

  • Leon W.
    05/18/2017 03:11

    Aren't these people voted for a president that allow native Americans to lose their homes, and their land? Pay back's a bitch!

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