Why people are calling out "America's Next Top Model"

"America's Next Top Model" offered aspiring models a chance to break into the industry. Now, years later, the reality TV show is under fire for perpetuating a toxic culture. A former contestant explains what went on behind the scenes ...

01/13/2022 6:08 PMupdated: 01/13/2022 6:10 PM


  • Bindu S.
    02/24/2022 13:27

    It's a "reality show" and you guys willingly signed up for the "fame" so I'm not sure why you're surprised at the "mistreatments" you all received at the hands of the producers in order to make their show a success.

  • Paige C.
    02/24/2022 02:25

    this is the one that i was talking about

  • Michelle J.
    02/22/2022 18:59

    in an industry based on looks im not surprised....if they become models they can expect their entire career to be that way.

  • Brenda M.
    02/22/2022 15:57

    I'm guessing all the complainers lost?

  • Lia R.
    02/22/2022 08:38

    Tyra’s “apologizing“ all the way to the bank.

  • Tshepo Z.
    02/22/2022 06:32

    Everyone just wanna be offended now🤦

  • Joyce M.
    02/22/2022 05:09

    Let's face it. They said some horrible things to those women and many of us watched and watched for more than one season. People lined up to be on the show and did it more than once. So I think it's a little disingenuous for everybody to get in an uproar over something that took place a while ago that everyone was a willing participant in. It's cheap TV not made to make you think

  • Mar B.
    02/22/2022 04:04

    Didn't Lauren Hutton have a gap? So Tyra was just being demeaning...Not shocked at all.

  • Karen B.
    02/22/2022 03:27

    I am not surprised. Sad for this young lady. 🙏

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