Will Arming Teachers With Guns Stop School Shootings?

In response to persistent school shootings, some Americans now want to arm teachers. Comedian Wyatt Cenac thinks they need a reality check. ✔️

Wyatt Cenac on School Safety

Last season, Comedian Wyatt Cenac’s HBO show Problem Areas tackled policing in today's society. Now, he thinks we all should be taking a MUCH deeper look at our schools. Wyatt Cenac thinks education is important —and we need to talk about it before it’s too late. Wyatt Cenac wants to ask you why aren't we having a larger conversation about education and why aren't we holding administrations accountable for something that at the moment doesn't have a national standard?

“Is bullying a big problem? It’s pretty common here, and they think, “Oh, it’s OK. He’ll just be fine. But the truth is it’s really not fine.”

In the wake of so many school shootings this call to do things like arm teachers and put cops in schools and bring in metal detectors and the result of that often has been teachers and administrators either abdicating responsibility or just handing over responsibility passively from education to law enforcement. What might have just been a flare up between two students an argument that turned into pushing and shoving now becomes an assault charge because a cop became involved.

Preventative measures to recognize that many kids are dealing with stressors in their life. Not every kid in U.S. society is going to show up and shoot up a school, but you have things like high rates of teen suicide that you could deal with.Since 2015, funding and resources to districts with high rates of poverty has improved. But Cenac says new approaches towards school safety and the school to prison pipeline must be approached on a larger scale.