Will Harriet Tubman be on the 20$ bill

Donald Trump already had an opinion on whether or not Harriet Tubman should be on the $20 bill, when he was candidate.

09/01/2017 4:30 PM
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  • Rachel B.
    09/01/2017 16:32

    they can both go fuck each other

  • Shawn P.
    09/01/2017 16:50

    What about obama frist black president but trump hates obama so maybe one day

  • Doreen W.
    09/01/2017 16:55

    Oh good grief leave the money alone. You can still use it. Whine about something positive.

  • Andy S.
    09/01/2017 18:44

    The irony is ridiculous when it comes to currency. Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson were all completely opposed to a federal banking system.

  • Axe S.
    09/01/2017 18:45


  • Daleanthony B.
    09/01/2017 18:54

    Did He just call Harriet Tubman a 2$ dollar hoe🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Trez K.
    09/01/2017 18:56

    No matter who's face is on there its still going to be harder to get for black folk. One was a slave one was a slave owner sooo.

  • Armando Z.
    09/01/2017 18:57

    Shiiit put me o. The 2 dollar bill

  • Elana B.
    09/01/2017 19:54

    So damn what!!! This clip is a reach

  • Gerald G.
    09/01/2017 20:23

    She deserve it. 💯

  • Ardell F.
    09/01/2017 20:30

    sorry bro I only got a tub on me 😂😂

  • Luis A.
    09/01/2017 22:50

    The mf can put mi face nd the 20 dollar bill ..will make the bill looking good

  • Holmes J.
    09/01/2017 23:58

    The most used bill is the 20...the irony...

  • Barry P.
    09/02/2017 00:02

    Probably not

  • Bobby C.
    09/02/2017 00:10

    this racist mf will never put a black person on any money. he problably wants to get rid of the Lincoln too which actually makes sense caise a penny cost more to make then it's worth. but he's still a twat

  • Burnt N.
    09/02/2017 00:11


  • Andrew G.
    09/02/2017 00:31

    Fuck what y'all say....i say why not? This did not just come out this has been talked about for over a year now . Taught your mama's face on the dollar bill for all I care it's still spends the same

  • Eddie E.
    09/02/2017 00:33

    She haven't been on the bills for almost 88 years i bet another 88 years later never happened.

  • Michelle C.
    09/02/2017 00:33


  • Austin B.
    09/02/2017 00:39

    Harriet Tubman told me, she doesn't want her face on our money. FYI