Will Harriet Tubman be on the 20$ bill

Donald Trump already had an opinion on whether or not Harriet Tubman should be on the $20 bill, when he was candidate.

09/01/2017 4:30 PM


  • Mike D.
    09/04/2017 15:31

    The fact that Andrew Jackson was the one that fought against the banks and is on bank controlled debt money is ironic.

  • Genaro G.
    09/02/2017 15:01

    she will go on one of the bills but not during this presidential term you can forget it

  • Tahir D.
    09/02/2017 12:27

    Would a racist touch the money?

  • Agathi B.
    09/02/2017 10:26

    I hate this morherfucker so much.

  • Marie L.
    09/02/2017 10:13


  • Rondo V.
    09/02/2017 09:48

    He scrapped the proposal already

  • Renee J.
    09/02/2017 09:44


  • Susan G.
    09/02/2017 05:57

    Leave Andrew Jackson alone! My gg-grandfather fought under Jackson's command at the Battle of New Orleans.

  • Ras F.
    09/02/2017 05:47

    Put her on a five hundred dollar bill !!!

  • Jay B.
    09/02/2017 05:12

    Trump still a bitch 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Precious H.
    09/02/2017 04:14

    Wig wearing head ass bitch

  • Precious H.
    09/02/2017 04:14

    This bitch devil

  • Mandy R.
    09/02/2017 03:09

    Another denomination? Alright put her on the hundred then!

  • Brittany G.
    09/02/2017 03:01

    By the time the US allows a black face on their money, money will be completely obsolete.

  • Jade D.
    09/02/2017 02:58

    For once and probably the only time in my life, I have to agree. I believe that whether it is good history, or bad history, we cannot erase the parts we don't like. Everything is about perception and personal opinion. We may feel it's ironic or Andrew Jackson doesn't deserve to be on the bill, but the same could easily be said for Abraham Lincoln. Even bad people have helped mold this country into what it is, Christopher Columbus is a perfect example. He may not have discovered America or even been a person to honor, we still admit that without his participation in this country, we wouldn't know what it means to try to correct injustice. Or even what injustice truly is. Everyone has played a part and trying to erase history won't help, it will only cause a bigger divide. But I believe Harriet Tubman is worth more than a $2 bill. Let's go for $200 😏✊🏽

  • Rafael L.
    09/02/2017 02:05

    I agree with Trump . Just add her to the new 1 dollar coin gold collection .

  • Aleshia P.
    09/02/2017 01:34

    Rather they put her on the money or not she was a hero, That fact cant be disputed.

  • Nathan D.
    09/02/2017 01:18

    O god let's freak out an protest

  • Mike B.
    09/02/2017 01:09

    I dont think he ever heard of a $2 bill cuz he sounded shocked wen he thought of it

  • Austin B.
    09/02/2017 00:39

    Harriet Tubman told me, she doesn't want her face on our money. FYI

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