World leaders swipe at Trump

From Pope Francis to Angela Merkel, here are five leaders that had strong words for Trump and his policies in 2019.

5 world leaders who took verbal jabs at President Trump in 2019

Pope Francis

On Christmas, the pontiff called out the “walls of indifference” that prevent immigrants from seeking a better life. “May the Son of God, come down to earth from heaven, protect and sustain all those who, due to these and other injustices, are forced to emigrate in the hope of a secure life. It is injustice that makes them cross deserts and seas that become cemeteries. It is injustice that forces them to endure unspeakable forms of abuse, enslavement of every kind and torture in inhumane detention camps. It is injustice that turns them away from places where they might have hope for a dignified life, but instead find themselves before walls of indifference.”

Justin Trudeau

The Canadian prime minister was caught on tape discussing Trump with other world leaders and laughing at his expense. “Is that why you were late? He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference at the top. Oh yeah yeah yeah! 40 minutes. He announced…Fake news media?”

Angela Merkel

The German chancellor blasted the Trump administration — with Ivanka Trump sitting in the audience. “Apparently, the American secretary of trade says that German cars are a threat to America’s national security. We’re proud of our automotive industry and I think we can be. We’re proud of our cars. They are built in the United States of America, South Carolina is one of the largest — it’s actually the largest BMW plant. Not in Bavaria.”

Wang Yi

The Chinese foreign minister blasted Trump’s trade war at the U.N. General Assembly. “Erecting walls will not resolve global challenges and blaming others for one’s own problems does not work. The lessons of the Great Depression should not be forgotten. Tariffs and provocation of trade disputes, which upset global industrial and supply chains, serve to undermine the multilateral trade regime and global economic and trade order. They may even plunge the world into recession.”

Sauli Niinistö

The Finnish president's subtle comments implied that America’s democracy might be in trouble. “Mr. President, you have here a great democracy. Keep it going on.”