World Leaders Who've Hidden Health Conditions

Are German Chancellor Angela Merkel's shaking hands a sign of dehydration — or something worse? She wouldn't be the first world leader to conceal a medical condition. 🤒

4 times world leaders deflected concerns or hid the truth about their health.

In 2019, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s shaking in public ignited concern about her health. Merkel first said she was dehydrated — but the shaking kept happening. She said she is "working through some things." “Regarding my health, all I would like to say is that you can take it firstly that I am aware of the responsibility of my office. I behave appropriately as far as my health is concerned. Also, as a person, I have a major interest in being healthy and I look after my health.”

In the 1980s, French President François Mitterrand kept his cancer a secret. His former physician, Dr. Claude Gubler, published false health reports about Mitterrand during his presidency. In 1996, he was charged with breaching his oath of secrecy by recounting Mitterrand's cancer battle in a book.

John F. Kennedy's Addison’s disease: This life-threatening condition affecting the adrenal glands was controlled by a daily dose of steroids and other drugs. Throughout his term, Kennedy's team was able to keep his condition completely secret.

Tony Blair's heart condition - In 2004, the British prime minister underwent heart surgery after complaining of chest pains and an irregular heartbeat. He downplayed the condition, but later spoke about his treatment. “I’ve got this routine procedure on my heart which is connected with the type of thing that happened last year.” “It's a minor routine procedure. But it will set off a splurge of speculation, so I might as well put it to rest. As for this, no it doesn't stop me from working, I've had it in the last few weeks and I'm fine.”

For as long as people have been electing politicians into office, the health of those elected has been cloaked in secrecy. This isn’t a surprise. After all, if you were leading an entire country, you would want everyone to think you were the picture of perfect health, right? But that’s not always the case.


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  • Nelson I.
    07/12/2019 23:07

    Political stress and old age coup be the cause

  • Bida H.
    07/12/2019 23:32

    يارب شفاء لايغادر سقما يارب العالمين

  • Jimmy H.
    07/12/2019 23:53

    Russian bot generated meme.

  • Renfebron R.
    07/13/2019 01:20

    Duh she can't hide it every time she has to get some rest at least & seek medical attention which is not bad not deny it its very visible her condition from trembling isn't only a common fever its pretty disturbing to the world watching she's that good leader of a great nation

  • Lana L.
    07/13/2019 02:34

    Trump tried to conceal a mental disorder but it’s out in plain site

  • Abraham Y.
    07/13/2019 05:16

    Merkel is suffering from Parkinson's disease. Hands and body shaking are the early symptoms of this devastating disease.

  • Hilda O.
    07/13/2019 05:53

    خية . لاتخجلينا..... هذا لو من اكثار اكل البتيتا.. لو تسهرين على لعبة بوبجي... لكن ياسيدة المحترمة .. انتي انسانة فعلا.... باليت تعطي لنفسك اجازة... كما دخلتي قوية واثقة الخطوات.... فياليت تبتعدي عن اجواء السياسة.. لانها اصبحت عالم لايفهم صحها من كذبها.. وانتي صادقة ......

  • Ernesto G.
    07/13/2019 11:52

    Also the symptoms of over eating of human flesh you'll get the shakes big time

  • Gérson N.
    07/13/2019 12:12

    We'll know sooner than later.. She won't be able to hide it forever..

  • Paul A.
    07/13/2019 13:43

    I just hope she is going to be OK. Too many vultures around here for me.

  • Dawna K.
    07/13/2019 13:52

    So what? The German leader has resigned and deserves the respect and dignity of privacy as to whether or not she wished to share any medical info with the public...God humans are seriously the worst species on this planet.

  • Roy P.
    07/13/2019 22:45

    she ran out of adrenochrome

  • Ken H.
    07/15/2019 05:10

    Most of these people are betrayers of their own societies. Time to go bye bye

  • Gary W.
    07/15/2019 09:59

    Probably Parkinson’s

  • Brut
    07/15/2019 13:53

    "What happens if Germany’s first female leader, the European Union’s longest-serving head of government, chooses to step down early — especially with her governing coalition with the Social Democrats fraying?"

  • Linda W.
    07/17/2019 17:51

    People saying she isn't being treated, how do you know? She does not have to disclose her conditions, and treatments as long as they don't affect her job.

  • Frank R.
    07/17/2019 20:07

    Not the first German chancellor to suffer from the shakes

  • جمال ا.
    07/18/2019 10:10

    Hello ❤

  • Jennifer M.
    07/18/2019 20:40

    TRUMP broke her.

  • Ukuta M.
    07/19/2019 05:30

    Clearly having withdrawals from the adrenochrome