Youth Indigenous Activist’s Message to Trump and Bolsonaro

"These governments are trying to lead us to extinction." Teenage climate activist Artemisa Xakriaba has a message from the indigenous community to Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro.

Greta Thunberg takes climate protest to the US

Brazilian Amazonian Indigenous leader Artemisa Xakriaba gives a speech during media event with other environmental activists including Swedish Greta Thurnberg on Capitol Hill September 17, 2019 in Washington,DC. - Thunberg spoke forcefully on September 16, 2019 in Washington,DC about the "destruction" of the planet and the large-scale deaths that could come about as a result of climate change, water and air pollution and the destruction of food chains.

“I am here representing the more than 25 million indigenous people and members of traditional communities united by the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities. This alliance is formed by four organizations from Brazil, the Amazon basin, Mesoamerica, and Indonesia, which together protect 600 hectares of forest. We are the main guardians of the forest. We, indigenous people, depend on nature, that is our mother and our territory because that is what keeps us alive. But we are being persecuted, threatened, and murdered. Last year alone, 164 defenders of the environment were killed. Almost one every second day. We cannot accept that another drop of indigenous blood be spilled. This is my first time in the United States, and I appreciate my opportunity to be here. I know this is the richest country in the world, but it is also the one who has emitted the most gasses that cause climate change. But these gasses, because the planet’s atmosphere has no borders, have negative impact in the world, not just here. My territory is in Brazil, in the dry highlands the Cerrado. Even the young can see this biome disappearing and our native plants dying due to lack of water. If it goes on like this, 20 years from now, my homeland will become a desert. My people will be at risk of becoming history,” Artemisa Xakriaba states.

On September 21, 2019, Thunberg, along with 500 other teen activists, will convene for the first ever Youth Climate Summit at the UN headquarters, a testament to the growing power of a movement that has succeeded in popularizing the term "climate emergency" over the past year.


09/17/2019 8:43 PMupdated: 09/18/2019 3:52 PM


  • Margarita S.
    10/04/2019 02:30

    Besides, China is also a major polluter. Both teens should speak to that country too.

  • Margarita S.
    10/04/2019 02:29

    Another teenage activist. But in her case she is right. Her people are been displaced from their houses. The Amazon was burning because of farmers.

  • Eric G.
    09/30/2019 12:46

    "Most gases"? They should have taken her to China.

  • Roger H.
    09/30/2019 11:43

    Go talk to the Chinese FIRST!!!

  • Juan J.
    09/29/2019 23:16

    ... , justo lo que te comenté, como no es una niña blanca europea... XD

  • Los T.
    09/29/2019 04:14

    She cute tho

  • Tony M.
    09/29/2019 02:01

    Get a job

  • Ryan F.
    09/29/2019 01:33

    It's not a coincidence, that as soon as these tribes won a lawsuit, protecting a HUGE AREA FROM OIL DRILLING.. It's now on fire... Read "Confessions of an Economic Hit man" Our Corporate Gov , has been destroying South America, for decades.. To steal their resources.

  • Destry A.
    09/28/2019 23:27


  • Doris R.
    09/28/2019 16:32

    Solo los nativos aman la naturaleza.

  • Sarah T.
    09/27/2019 22:06

    Good idea they stole from Hitler. Use the children like he did.

  • Stadik J.
    09/27/2019 21:37

    Paid scientists? You're kidding right? Hopeless....

  • Sean M.
    09/27/2019 20:49

    A summit of scientist's that all agree ... Watch it ? Ill watch it, and ill also watch the scientists that disagree with thier narrative.

  • David M.
    09/27/2019 19:05

    Then stop burning down the rain forest...

  • Cayth G.
    09/27/2019 16:42

    To the people who believe humans have no impact on the planet and or think it is too late to do anything about it, here are my words to you. but before that please know i'm not a tree hugger, i know that some sacrifices must be made for the advancement of science, that being said. When our species was first able to walk on two feet, the earth was a certain way, no buildings, no litter, whatever was thrown on the ground was earth made, it had all the cogs turning the correct way in order to sustain life, different ecosystems for different species. Thats what the Earth is, a machine. Lets say our amazon rainforest is one cog in a machine, now its been damaged, would you not try to repair/replace that cog in the machine? i know very well that no good company would allow a machine to run with a broken cogwheel. A greedy company would turn a blind eye to it, and that is what is happening today. but getting back on topic, Yes the earth is a machine, and neglecting to fix it will ofcourse cause it to malfunction. "But humans have little impact on the environment, we cant possibly change the earth", Wrong, where the sun does not hit, the planet still lights up through innovation, we now have an outer shell of satellites surrounding our planet. Humans have done this, and im not saying its bad but its an example of how humans (Being so many of us) impact the planet. if we humans worked together we can impact our machine for the better, whats the harm in doing so? absolutely none. but it is greed, laziness, and mediocrity that is at fault for our planets change for the worst. Greed - World leaders want Economic growth at the cost of Nature, rather than fixing their economy which they themselves have managed to ruin. Laziness - "None of the last climate change predictions happened" And because of that people are willing to take that chance? Even though the solution is simple? Overthrow corrupt governments and let the world run through science. Mediocrity - Most humans, including myself, need to do better in reusing the harmful materials we use on a day to day basis, recycle cleanly, opt for more trees, and fund Science in order to advance our technology so we dont have to use the same source of fuel as the Model - T. Lastly we need to make our leaders liable for terrible decisions at the sight of profit. we need to be active parts of our unique machine, before it stops working.

  • Radu G.
    09/27/2019 14:15

    Just imagine the outrage from the left if conservatives would be using 13 to 16 year olds to push their political agenda... Using the media to control the masses didn't work, using fake numbers about scientists didn't work so now they're using children. Because, who would dare criticize or attack a child? If you do you're not human, right? It doesn't matter that those kids spread the same false data we've been hearing for decades now. Why is that every climate prediction in the last 50 years did not come true (ice age, ozone layer, greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change)? The only thing that changed was the name of the movement. They used to be more specific, now its climate change. So if something does happen with the environment (which will because the climate does change) they can climb on a pedestal and scream "you see, I told you so". Second question: why do europe and America have to accept heavy doses of socialism in the name of climate change, when China and India are the biggest polluters and are not doing anything about it? While some regulations are necessary why do we need extra heavy regulations in America to "protect and conserve" clean water when the top 5 dirtiest rivers are in Asia. PS:

  • Christopher W.
    09/27/2019 07:14

    Past China has higher emissions than the us.

  • Joseph B.
    09/27/2019 00:47

    Micro wave gun ....shut down the computer on large machinery....? Might work

  • Brent S.
    09/26/2019 21:30

    Amazing how a jungle creature has nicely plucked eyebrows

  • Jasper C.
    09/26/2019 12:56

    The world works in cycles there isnt much that humans can do to stop or change the worlds cycles some places are getting colder and others are getting hotter some are getting more rain and others less it's a cycle of the earth it has been happening for many centuries no human or humans can stop the cycles even if we tried . We can do a better job of being cleaner with trash and pollution plant more trees and be better stewards to the earth .