Are drones light replacing fireworks?

They are the future of fireworks. Less harmful to the planet, you could be seeing drone light shows on Memorial day. SKY MAGIC

05/31/2021 7:57 PM


  • Danny K.
    06/01/2021 22:34

    It would be safer out here in the west Idaho, California, Oregon etc. Already this year California has fought or is fighting a wildfire this year.

  • 柴曉雯
    06/01/2021 12:00

    Future?? Asia has been doing it for a long time

  • Ernhie T.
    06/01/2021 05:07

    But i love the traditional fireworks more

  • Gabby R.
    05/31/2021 23:14

    I still love the fireworks instead

  • Rebecca K.
    05/31/2021 20:46

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