Artistic limbs that change the narrative around prosthetics

"It was like being a mutant human in the best possible way." These creative prosthetics are changing the narrative around disability. This is the Alternative Limb Project.

08/24/2021 5:32 PMupdated: 08/25/2021 8:02 AM


  • - siriananpape -
    10/19/2021 11:51

    Using a steel hand to pick up as much as you can. The designer of the iron hand technology developed equal to the real hand on either side, heavy or light only.

  • Wacky F.
    08/28/2021 16:49

    CYBERPUNK .... 😍😍😍

  • Asomee D.
    08/28/2021 10:17

    This is an amazing story. Makes me so hopeful that you can actually make disability a personal statement that surpasses being lesser than the Whole! Being human born without or losing a limb or two doesn't take away from who you are. Of course, this is for the privileged class because of the accessibility and cost factor. But, I hoped today's experiment becomes the norm tomorrow. My deepest gratitude to the creator and her team for doing this project.

  • Nate G.
    08/25/2021 05:30

    Just think if we can make prosthetics that we can control, what's stopping us from having additional arm add ons? Wings? Etc? Tha answer is the government because they can't control us if we can fly on command

  • Alice T.
    08/25/2021 01:35

    this so cool!!

  • CairistiĂČna M.
    08/24/2021 21:18

    Thomas if your still around you must be proud you helped pioneer the bionic limb

  • Melissa T.
    08/24/2021 20:27

    this is awesome!

  • Brut
    08/24/2021 20:19

    Correction: The Alternative Limb Project did not make the silver prosthetic worn by Viktoria Modesta.

  • Benavides R.
    08/24/2021 17:50

    It made me want to not have some limb. (Just kidding) :V

  • Brut
    08/24/2021 17:42

    Check out The Alternative Limb Project's website here:

  • Ezell J.
    08/24/2021 17:41

    Wow 😼

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