• Milagros P.
    09/24/2017 14:39

    meanwhile, we have an orange man in the white house, who does not believe in climate change AND seeks to allocate 54 billion to military. WTF!!! https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/27/us/politics/trump-budget-military.html

  • Steven R.
    09/23/2017 03:16

    Insurance just needs to pay up. That's what people pay for. It's a damn shame that insurance companies will cover a fire, break-in but not a water damage from a hurricane. They'll cover wind damage but not water. That's the biggest load of corporate horseshit ever.

  • Belladonna L.
    09/23/2017 00:14

    I mean Trump is a rich person I can he not just give the money

  • Nataliya K.
    09/22/2017 22:46

    We need stricter codes..I know they are strict now.. but better planning.. right now most buildings are built to withstand a cat 3 or 4 not 5.. Miami floods every year but they don't want to put money out in advance just wait and spend it to rebuild which seems crazy

  • Thomas P.
    09/22/2017 20:33

    Dont worry guys trump donated a million dollars. Yall will be fine. Whats that? Fema is about to get cut by 1 billion? Dont worry about the the president puts america first

  • Matthew F.
    09/22/2017 17:47

    Government kill you with technology and you call it mother nature being pissed off😂😂😂yes mother nature is pissed but can't use hurricanes to defend herself😀 Our government controls our planet and Skies and manipulate it(This is a fact ) not (a opinion) weather manipulation is fact. They kill the populations for NWO forcing you to obey because you have nothing.

  • Jose P.
    09/22/2017 15:12

    Port Arakansas, Texas? Seems like Brut should do some researching before releasing their videos

  • Chantal G.
    09/22/2017 14:36

    - oh my. Makes me feel terrible for all the people who lost everything they worked so hard for.