Jeff Bezos’ Aerospace Company Unveils Lunar Lander

Amazon HQ3: the moon?

Blue Moon walk for Bezos

The Moon lander, a vehicle designed to land on the Moon. Jeff Bezos is CEO of Amazon / Blue Origin, and the world’s richest man. Bezos unveiled the technological innovaion mock-up of a lunar lander designed by Blue Origin, his space exploration company. With this lander, Bezos envisions astronauts returning to the moon in the next few years. This is a goal Donald Trump set for 2024.

The four-legged lander could carry two to four passengers and has an upper deck designed to hold different types of cargo. Its liquid hydrogen-powered rocket engine generates 10,000 pounds of thrust, according to the company. Fully loaded with fuel, it weighs about 33,000 pounds and has a payload capacity of up to 6.5 metric tons, or more than 14,000 pounds. That’s enough to carry four large lunar landers at once, Bezos said.

Several space exploration companies are competing to win a contract with NASA — which does not have this type of vehicle. Blue Moon would provide all the equipment that the astronauts sent to the Moon from an orbiting station would need.

Bezos said the lander could bring 4 small rovers, a pressurized vehicle for humans and scientific equipment. With empty tanks, Blue Moon will weigh over 3 tons, and 15 tons when loaded with fuel. It will have just one engine. The goal is for Blue Moon to land on the south pole of the Moon.

In 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the Moon. In total, 12 men have walked on the moon. The last lunar landing was in 1972.


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  • Syarifah K.
    07/19/2020 15:50

    only 3 days to the moon ? a u sure ? what speed do u use ?

  • Renato B.
    07/22/2019 20:39


  • Justine L.
    05/31/2019 20:18

    Jeff bezos looks like lex Luthor or something 🤔🤔 ??

  • Karim B.
    05/31/2019 18:19

  • Marcelo A.
    05/31/2019 18:00

  • Real N.
    05/31/2019 16:51

    Space gardbage

  • អវ ជ.
    05/31/2019 01:42

    គេឡើងទៅនោមដាក់ព្រះច័ន្ទឡើងឆ្អេះហើយ ឯងនៅតែសែនព្រះច័ន្ទមិនទាន់ឈប់ទៀត😂😂 កម្មនោះកម្ម

  • Luis G.
    05/30/2019 17:51

    aun hay gente ingenua piensa que el hombre llego a la luna ???

  • Fernando U.
    05/30/2019 14:28

    para que nos vayamos amor 🚀🌑

  • Karabo T.
    05/30/2019 12:07

    Water levels are rising every year! Why would you go to the moon to look for water. We all know you guys want to mine the moon. Leave the moon out of mankind's self-destructive path please.

  • Zaz B.
    05/30/2019 05:39

    é o veio da havan

  • Adrian J.
    05/30/2019 04:02

    I feal dis video is poot Together az pourly as diz Sentinc”

  • Mahad A.
    05/30/2019 02:54

    Why not sending a frog on the moon?

  • Sergio E.
    05/29/2019 23:05

    Beezos is who brought out the segways

  • Aljen K.
    05/29/2019 16:39

    they are launching a rover for moon, while china already done explorin it.mmm

  • Abdul S.
    05/29/2019 10:57


  • John D.
    05/29/2019 07:49

    Finished messing up the Earth ... Now's the Moon next ... Too much illgotten money.

  • Christian J.
    05/29/2019 06:21

    Elon for the win💪

  • Umair A.
    05/29/2019 05:20

    So this time are they gonna make a hd quality video of landing on moon

  • Mohammad H.
    05/29/2019 04:25


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