• Rachael M.
    08/03/2017 15:17

    thought you'd find this interesting

  • Gail B.
    08/02/2017 22:37

    i would like to address bullying in the workplace by female bosses-it is just unreal-they are especially bad if they know that you really need the job-it starts as soon as you enter the door and does not stop until you leave-i developed anxiety diorder and panic attacks as a result of this

  • Leslie G.
    08/02/2017 16:58

    Chelsea Kelley

  • Mimi H.
    08/02/2017 16:23


  • Olga S.
    08/02/2017 09:42

    We offer sexual harassment prevention training at contact us and we can help protect you.

  • Brittani S.
    08/02/2017 06:07

    It's all about power, just like rape and catcalling. They're powerful women, making deals, doing business, and if it were a man, he'd shake their hand and welcome them to the club. But it's a woman, which threatens his feelings of supremacy, so he lashes out to "put her in her place", so she knows any time, any where, he can make her uncomfortable and belittle her. It's all about power, and it's sick.

  • Zion G.
    08/02/2017 02:43

    So women can secure contracts, and investors through sexual favors?? As opposed to? I'm just trying to really wrap my head around this. I'm what is known as a "black" man, so disadvantage is nothing new to me. If anything, it sounds like sexual favors are being requested to acquire things otherwise unattainable. I come from a world where I rather know that someone is a misogynist, or in my case, a racist, I don't like it when people suppress their ideologies. If he's a fucking pig and he only does business with women who give him sexual favors, oh well. Take your business elsewhere. Voice your experiences, it's not slander. The problem with America, is that you do not allow demons to be demons, you suppress them, so that people cannot see what is truly in their hearts. They are afraid to voice their dark opinions and ideologies...... it wasn't always this way. They're used to be times when I could tell if I was at a racist establishment, now thanks to political correctness it feels like it's all around me.

  • Quinn B.
    08/01/2017 23:54

    Silicon Valley needs this, keep 'em coming! These womens' strength and example will help other women who feel powerless. And it ain't easy, so thank you!!! Big shout out: Thank you for splashing similar recent headlines in front of every Partner/CEO/Board Member in the Valley. Keep it up-you are helping people. It amazes me how many ignorant female misogynists (and general POS's) comment on these threads --as if there weren't laws enacted DECADES ago precisely to prevent this behavior.

  • Pat D.
    08/01/2017 23:44

    Bullying happens with female bosses as well

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