• Patricia C.
    04/03/2020 10:43

    Divine intervention

  • Patricia C.
    04/03/2020 10:42

    My question is....why do we keep finding PYRAMIDS...Mexico Egypt north America China just to mention a few...these people didn't even know the others existed......and then they were gone.....phttt

  • Ya Y.
    08/25/2019 19:18

    don't bring religion

  • Johnlloyd C.
    08/20/2019 07:42

    8billion planets that have similarities with earth but we cant find the nearest one๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  • Diana R.
    08/15/2019 12:09

    As long as man does not live on them they will survive.

  • Del B.
    08/09/2019 04:01

    Hoolay more "f" n bull$ hitt

  • Stephen H.
    08/07/2019 17:26

    Can we find one for trump to live on ๐Ÿค”

  • Stephen W.
    08/07/2019 04:01

    Mind boggling.

  • S K.
    08/06/2019 11:45

    Lets go to that planet and start wastig resources and make a lot of garbage kill animals if there were some and start chaos.

  • Mark D.
    08/05/2019 14:28

    It blows my mind, love it.

  • Ash M.
    08/05/2019 08:30

    Can we move all scum low lifeโ€™s there with the politicians of the world Also send all prisoners there to as it means no money will be needed to care for them.

  • Bitt G.
    08/05/2019 02:43

    Good news.

  • Jacub K.
    08/05/2019 02:37

    dont go destroying another fucking planet. fix your own.

  • Joribert F.
    08/04/2019 09:45

    We are not alone.

  • Casey R.
    08/04/2019 01:52

    Yaaayyyy let's spread our disease there too! Let's fuck up other WORLDS because we believe we are superior. How about that cancer cell mentality...

  • Al B.
    08/03/2019 19:52

    1 planet per earthling

  • Coutsos A.
    08/03/2019 16:26

    God gave us only one planet...the earth!

  • Ginette B.
    08/03/2019 15:05

    Who cares?

  • Lois K.
    08/03/2019 12:25


  • Lois K.
    08/03/2019 12:25

    Enjoyed that video

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