• Aaron R.
    2 hours

    Keep on keeping on Elon.

  • Aaron R.
    2 hours

    People call this kind of man crazy, until they see the potential they are capable of.

  • Alejandro C.
    5 hours

    Nobody can sustain live in other planet. That's impossible.

  • Diannah J.
    8 hours


  • Kenny B.
    9 hours

    Let's save our dying planet by going to a dead planet. Wow are you kidding me

  • Adam R.
    9 hours

    Half these comments though “His daddy left him an emerald mine”, “he only cares about this and that”. Fff you!!! Grow up!!! Where are you? Where’s your great revelation? I commend this man for what he is trying to do. Nobody is perfect but neither are you or I.

  • Marcio R.
    20 hours

    He wants to fix a non existing problem.

  • Nick R.
    a day


  • Bobby S.
    a day

    Lots of you just hating because the man has more $$ than all of you combined could even fathom about having, trolls

  • Ezee Z.
    a day

    inventor ? ... đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

  • Cody M.
    2 days

    It smells like Illuminati in here! Very sus

  • Douglas K.
    2 days

    What happens on Mars stays on Mars

  • Marcos L.
    2 days

    Has anyone thought of making this world a better world for everyone?

  • Hannibal C.
    2 days

    He is definitely getting younger and better looking with time

  • Enad N.
    2 days

    Hes like a real life iron man

  • Tejler H.
    3 days

    You have to be charismatic to literally tell people they’ll be going to Mars on slavery contracts, and still have them cheer you on.

  • Jao R.
    3 days

    7 kids from three babymamas, advocate for 80 hour work weeks, wasting tax money on a pet drill project. Mostly a grifter cult leader

  • Dhrumil K.
    4 days

    Anyway Dogefather Twitter is more important #####

  • Carson W.
    5 days

    Dude sucks

  • Ricardo G.
    6 days

    “Some ppl believe I’m an alien” he wants to be an alien so bad.. lol

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