• Anton J.
    19 hours

    Not a good guy

  • Senay J.
    21 hours

    Hi smart

  • Rosa Q.
    a day

    Nice nice 👍 @kylejim

  • Hossein M.
    2 days

    He is a business man who is making more money and does not care about people who are working hard and have nothing

  • Shawn G.
    3 days

    This guy is awesome!

  • John M.
    3 days

    usa murag ee nagpatoo naay alian pero wala prof ila picture nya edited nya makiglalis naa nkadakop nya dli ipakita mao na usa wala jud na labaw panas atik2 adto mars ulo mars na naa ras computer or sa green screen gusto lang ninyu kamo moy advance buang pinoy maru ni ug naa moy alien nas moy ungo sa istorya rasab pero isrtaya ra mao naliwat mi ninyu mga buriton yawa!! -hahaha

  • Michelle K.
    4 days

    Got to admire Elon Musk, my inspiration

  • Christine B.
    5 days

    Don't get involved with Tom Cruise. That will be your biggest mistake ever and Scientology will steal all your money and ruin your life!!

  • Yawutama E.
    5 days

    A rare thinking, a special brain, a genius

  • Joseph M.
    6 days

    The right way to go Elon is the stop polluting the hell out of this planet to do what we did when we shut everything down during the first pandemic and the world started to heal itself and people could see the glory of Los Angeles without all the smog and the cities were returning to a pristine as you can breathe the air that’s what we need to do we need to stop polluting the environment with multi faceted machinery that you Elon or a big and big Dupard responsible for doing so shut your face stop polluting so much and we won’t need to Go to other planets because we have destroyed this one if we say this one we will of course still need to go to other planets to explore but not to bail from the destruction that we’ve done to this planet because if we don’t learn from this planet we will destroy the next planet and you’ll be at the forefront polluting the hell out of that planet too

  • Joseph M.
    6 days

    I love this guy’s body oil it’s really nice I bought I think it was 33 Elon musk for a dollar on the on the train you know what the elevated train the guys a girl from train car to car to car they got like a bunch of these mask I got the Elon musk it’s smell pretty nice little full of itself but nice nonetheless

  • Ellen H.
    6 days

    Ya’ll know he has Aspergers syndrome 

  • Nadia A.
    6 days

    now you know he's not an alien đŸ€”đŸ˜‘

  • Harjeet K.
    6 days

    She's missing her left arm and we can help out. Please follow the link. https://direct.me/harjeetkaur

  • Tonantzin R.
    7 days

    Scientist have discovered that modern men, only use 10% of their brain capacity!! I guess its true, when so many people act as sheep, following one egomaniac, instead of finding their own path!!!...😕

  • Patty B.
    7 days

    Some of us feel like an alien.

  • Uijbkiu D.
    7 days

    Many people say that his plan is stupid. But he succeeded.

  • CB H.
    7 days

    He is amazing

  • Sabrina M.
    01/12/2022 16:17

    Great 👍

  • Samson
    01/12/2022 12:55

    Elon you're the alian😂😂what a man❀

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