The life of Mark Zuckerberg

He founded Facebook out of his college dorm. Today, he's one the most powerful people in the world, but that comes at a price... This is the life of Mark Zuckerberg.

10/07/2021 5:18 PMupdated: 10/07/2021 5:18 PM


  • Brian G.
    3 days

    It's the lizard guy! 🤣

  • John S.
    4 days

    actually he stole the idea from 2 brothers

  • Ed L.
    5 days

    (C) ommie...

  • Redclaws P.
    01/05/2022 08:14


  • Ivy R.
    12/21/2021 16:09

    Truth is, all Billionaires and wealthy multi-millionaires have done some spectacular thing to make them so, no matter what other considerations are. Of course people respond to them better, when they come from very humble beginning, because it not only shows brilliance and genius, but also shows stamina, passion, resiliency etc. I admire Zuckerberg, if only for reasons that at his youthful age, he takes responsibility for his actions. A sense of responsibility is not the usual among youth these days. I was tempted to say that Zuckerberg is a fairly humble Billionaire, but did not, only because humility to most people is, having a low self esteem. It is difficult to understand, but nevertheless very true. If I was ever under duress to choose a Billionaire who fits my aforementioned description, I would have to go with Zuckerberg.

  • Rob R.
    12/16/2021 02:35

    he stole it!

  • Med R.
    12/13/2021 13:25

    If I'm not mistaken, I read way back early 2000 years the original creator of FB was the twin brothers (forgot the name,) then Mark bought that flatform for about 40m dollars? Then Mark made FB for continues innovation till became Meta. 🤔

  • Eric H.
    12/12/2021 17:47

    Now he's graduated to steal elections & our freedom !

  • Justin M.
    11/29/2021 04:54

    Uuup time for publicity agents to get to work. Got to clean Mark's imagine up after he's almost ruined America.

  • Steven J.
    11/29/2021 04:25

    And now he scans your personal information and phone numbers? What a creep.

  • Kieran D.
    11/25/2021 08:43

    Harry was the royals whipping boy.

  • Shawn L.
    11/20/2021 05:29

    we all know were your going

  • Janice J.
    11/20/2021 04:56

    And I am watching this video on Facebook....😳

  • Alex M.
    11/19/2021 23:12

    Nothing but s fake...

  • Lynden M.
    11/19/2021 12:59

    Looks like a alien

  • Mbaka W.
    11/19/2021 07:43

    Who God has blessed no man can course..

  • June F.
    11/19/2021 02:54

    If that’s the case why are you blocking what people share or say ?

  • Aparna K.
    11/18/2021 10:11

    How wrong was he on his idea of sharing information

  • Rhea L.
    11/18/2021 07:39


  • Mike J.
    11/18/2021 00:11

    Hey lies!!!

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